Accu-sim Bonanza simulation update

We are happy to announce that the Accu-sim Bonanza simulation has today received an update that you can download today right now.

Below is a quick summary of the updates and changes that have come with the product today. For the full details please see the thread on the A2A Forums here.

As always, any issues or help or advice please just post on the A2A Forums where we will be happy to help get you up and flying as soon as possible in the virtual skies.


    • Version Changes
  • Fixed bug introduced in version that swapped left and right fuel gauge readings in cockpit.


    • Version Changes
  • Optional textures without mipmaps made available via download for customers who have reported blurred graphics.
  • Adjusted circuit breaker code.
  • Enabled nose fuel strainer “Drain More” button in walkaround.
  • Removed references to fuel pump ON in checklist (Pilot’s Notes).
  • Moved flaps breaker into Accu-Sim so the flaps lever sound could be independent of electricity.
  • Adjusted takeoff rotation and maneuvering speed for IAS and not CAS (Pilot’s Notes).
  • Fixed bug that could cause a flap hinge to not be properly reported in the maintenance hangar.
  • Calibrated fuel tank gauges to read zero when three gallons of unusable fuel is in the tank.
  • Increased gross weight by 100 lbs for IO-550 engine.
  • Tuned nose wheel animation.
  • Fuel injectors now replaceable in the maintenance hangar.
  • Added more inertia to taxi physics.
  • Updated walkaround flap photos.
  • Removed spring loading from landing flaps lever.
  • Restored missing cowling hinge.

This update also coincides with the release of optional non-mipmapped textures for the benefit of customers who were experiencing blurred graphics due to low global textures resolution settings. These texture packs can be downloaded for free from the A2A Simulations Store.


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