Wings of Power Focke Wulf “Long Nose”


“For those out there that live for realism and depth, Wings of Power aircraft deliver on a scale never seen before. However, even with all this tremendous detail, you can still just throw the throttle forward and fly away…”

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The Fw 190 D-9, also known as “Long-nose Dora”, was perhaps the finest production fighter fielded by the Luftwaffe.  Initially regarding with some distrust, pilots quickly found that the Dora was a superior machine to the BMW-powered versions, with improved high-altitude performance and the same fine handling.  Equipped with the potent Junkers Jumo 213 A-1 engine, the aircraft was fast and lethal, giving Spitfire and Mustang pilots a very hard time of it when fuel was available.

The Focke-Wulf Ta 152 series was considered Kurt Tank’s crowning achievement with respect to the development of a high altitude reconnaissance fighter and interceptor.  The Ta 152 H-1 was similar in general layout to the Fw 190D, as it used a liquid-cooled inverted V-12 for motive power.  But the airframe was considerably different.  The wings were much larger and the fuselage and tailplane were significantly improved and modified.  In addition, the nose was further streamlined and the aircraft was fitted with a bubble-type canopy for better pilot visibility, and the cockpit was pressurized.

The Ta 152 H-1 is considered to be the definitive version of the series.  It had a fuel capacity of 180 U.S. gallons total in the wings and fuselage, and was fitted with a Junkers Jumo 213 E-1 engine which used both the MW50 methanol-water injection and the GM-1 nitrous oxide injection to increase available power at both high and low altitudes.  This aircraft was designed as a high-level reconnaissance fighter and interceptor.  It did not have the fast roll rate of the Ta 152 C owing to the drastically increased wingspan, but the trade-off was the aircraft’s very high operational altitude — its ceiling was over 48,000 feet and it could reach a top speed of 467 miles per hour at 40,600 feet with the GM-1 boost.  In this version, the rear fuel tank was deleted to accommodate the GM-1 tank and to resolve a center of gravity issue.  The MW50 is located in the left inner wing tanks.


  • Unprecedented authenticity inside and out
  • Built with the very latest “Absolute realism” flight technology
  • Can be flown “by the book”
  • Built from actual aircraft tests
  • “Absolute Realism” means the entire flight envelope is modeled via the actual pilot’s training manuals
  • Authentic power characteristics of the supercharged piston engine with various combinations of the MW-50 and GM-1 boost systems
  • Realistic cruise performance under various conditions with realistic fuel economy
  • Absolute Realism even delivers authentic “distance-to-altitude” performance under various power settings
  • High engine torque means full power cannot be applied with brakes on or aircraft will “nose over”
  •  Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet
  • Professionally recorded and mastered engine sounds
  • Warbird in-line engine sounds captured by Shockwave engineers at all power levels
  • Stall buffet, canopy, ground roll, flaps, gyro, and authentic cockpit wind
  • Special canopy pressurizing and release sounds
  • Authentic drop tank release actually drops both fuel and weight
  • Both modern and veteran warbird pilots helped create the “feel” of flight
  • “Wings of Power “Special Effects” package includes:
  • Historically accurate lighting for stunning nighttime visuals
  • Realistic startup visuals modeled after the real aircraft
  • Belly landings with realistic effects and physics programming
  • Shockwave’s new standard for high quality manuals
  •  Full sized (11” X 8 ½”), 82-page digital landscape manual with authentic performance and function
  • Absolute Realism Certified Specifications

The Manuals are provided as part of the product installation.

Free Manual download coming soon


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