Sunday July 30th. A Western Himalayan Adventure

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Sunday July 30th. A Western Himalayan Adventure

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So back to what the Misfit's do best this week. A 355 mile flight through some of the most spectacular scenery there is anywhere. Hold onto your hats as we try to navigate along deep ravines and valley's. Before we start, I urge you get everything you might need for the flight. Once we get underway you will have no time to go upstairs for some hot water, you have been warned. It's a 2 and a quarter hour white knuckle ride in Northern Pakistan. We start at Islamabad International before picking up the first of our rivers, road's and valley's. Our destination is the high altitude airport of Skardu. This is for Captains only and needs special training. There are only a few pilot's in the world who are licenced to fly in here. PIA fly here Three times a week in the Airbus A320. There is a special procedure they must fly on the approach as they have to get from 16000 feet to 7300 in just a few short miles. We'll be in our Comanche's so not so important for us but we'll do it anyway.

Here is the Sky Vector Flight Plan but for a more detailed version checkout the LNM plan on Discord. ... 25E%20OPSD

Aircraft Type Comanche, Bonanza
local Time 1000
Weather Historic
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