How to improve graphics

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How to improve graphics

Post by amazedbygrace86 »

Hello, all!

I'm brand-new to this forum and brand-new to the game.

I downloaded the 2.13 patch and installed it fully on Windows 10.

However, when I start up the game, the graphics still look like the original game. How do I improve the graphics? I thought I installed the Multi-Skin for 2.13, but did I miss something.


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Re: How to improve graphics

Post by rogeroger »

Multiskin provides individual squadron skins and markings for each aircraft. If its terrain mods you are looking for check out the subscribers modification thread. ... 10&t=12021
On page 61 of the thread you will find RR update3 that provides a lot of extra objects that have been placed as well as an upgraded Manston area. further down the thread there are terrain alternatives and reshade options as well as a cockpit lighting mod for the Spitfire. Along with the terrains, multiskin textures have been given extra contrast to remove the washed out look.

I'm currently doing a rework of the stock terrain and default aircraft skins, as well as reworking cockpit lighting in the the remaining aircraft. This will be uploaded in a few days.

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