Ahistorical skin pack available?

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Ahistorical skin pack available?

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First of all - wow!

I must be the last member of the community to discover the Uhu, so I'm sure my excitement won't mean much to the rest of you, but... what a blast! A huge amount of fun to fly and it's rekindled my enthusiasm for a kind of flying I used to do years ago - quick start, go up, fast weather observation, some search sectors and back down. Add Accufeel and it's a nice way to get a high-performance piston fix in the middle of a busy day.

Quick question - is there an ahistorical skin pack available for download? I bought through the A2A store, not Simmarket (I always like to buy directly from developers when I can), so of course I've got the package with full historical skins, swastikas included. I'm not interested in (re)starting a debate - I'm perfectly fine with having swastika paints available, I understand the rationale. But it's my personal preference to fly without them. I'm grateful for Jankees' two paints (the Nachtuil with its painted-out swastika and the variant version of the prototype paint), and also for the Czech and RAF versions in the original package. But it'd be nice to be able to fly all the variants without looking uneasily over my shoulder. I know there are alternatives open to me - I could buy the Simmarket version just for the skins (I've actually thought about doing that) or, even better, learn to paint (I've thought about doing that, too) but if there's an easy path to the Simmarket skins, that'd be good, too. Let me know if there's such an option.

Thanks again for a great treatment of a terrific aircraft.
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