BOBII BDG_2.08 Update Released

Battle of Britain "Wings of Victory"
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BOBII BDG_2.08 Update Released

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BOBII BDG_2.08 Update Released (Wed 9th July 2008)


Battle of Britain II BDG_2.08 Release now available.

This update has been brought to you by the freeware BDG (BoB Developers Group) team. We hope you enjoy the continued enhancements for what has been a real labour of love over a number of years now.

This update comes in two parts
* HERE-> (186M) <-HERE (English Version) OR
* HERE-> (198M) <-HERE (International Version)
* AND for users with a 256M (or better) video card we also have MULTISKIN:
* HERE-> (106M) <-HERE (works with English or International Versions)
(Note: Multiskin goes on top of the base 2.08 English or International patch)
* Alternate hosting location for all three links:
* HERE-> ... ictory.php <-HERE

Note1: this update will bring *any* previous version up to 2.08. You do not need any previous patches at all.

Note2: You will need the latest DirectX to run 2.08.
You will get a missing .dll error if you do not. When you run the 2.08 self-installer it will point you to the Microsoft DirectX update page. Update to DirectX9.0c (June version). Unfortunately, there are multiple versions of 9.0c so if in any doubt, update.

Note3: The MultiSkin patch should go ON TOP OF Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.08 Patch (English) OR Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.08 Patch (International)
You should have a 256M gfx card to be sure to run without issues.

ANNOUNCEMENT --- BOBII Hot Fix #2 Update Available ---
* Our sincere apologies. An infrequent crash is being reported in AI gunner code
(It can occur in missions with any movable gun [bombers, Bf110, Ju87]).
* Please follow this thread and update the two files contained in the small download. (bob.exe, bob.pdb)

* We have been testing for a long time and this one sneaked through, unfortunately...Sorry! This is one of the risks when you add new AI features.
* HERE-> ... 10&t=11602 <-HERE


What’s included:

1) Redesign of the AI Maneuver Selection process.
(or manoeuvre selection if you're a Brit ;))
2) Enhancement of the existing AI Maneuvers and introduction of new Maneuvers.
3) Enhancement of Fighters vs Bomber AI Maneuver Selection.
4) New 2dGauge System
(with some continuing gauge work to follow).
5) New Ground Objects
for RAF and Luftwaffe airfields.
6) Updated High Res Terrain textures.
- Brand new textures at increased resolution (16x base BoBII)
7) Updated Terrain mapping
Reworking of key areas.
8 ) FM updates.
9) General fixes.
10) Updated Multiskin
150+ Historical skins including some key personalities of the Battle (Note: OPTIONAL separate download for players with 256M gfx cards or above.)
11) Updated Hurricane model.

The 2.08 AI Performance and Design

The redesign of the AI Maneuver Selection (Buddye)

The redesign of the AI maneuver Selection Criteria was driven by the need to become more deterministic and less random in selecting AI maneuvers. I felt the need to move in this direction to improve the AI offence and defense so the AI selection software had more control. Of course there is a big danger in this strategy. We do not want BOBII to become repeatable. This will become a fine line to follow in the future and I will need both our testers and customers help and feedback.

Here is a summary of the new selection criteria design:

1. Altitude (how much altitude and rate of change)
2. Speed (how much speed, and rate of change)
3. Position of A/C to each other (none to tail, tail to tail, nose to beam, tail to beam or left, right, front, back)

To implement the new selection criteria I built a 3 X 6 matrix (a truth table) and many new programs. For each A/C (the unfriendly and the AI or the player), I designed programs to look at Altitude, Speed, and position and to first try and select the best maneuver option (aggressive or defense) based on AI skill level.

Altitude and speed can also be thought of as “energy” as altitude can be turned into speed.
The new design uses the A/C’s current position but I am thinking about implementing the A/C’s “lead” position (his future position which would be a small delta in the future).

Anyway, this new design is a long term work BOBII AI strategy (work in progress) that I can work on as I have new ideas for the AI from our testers and customers. It should position the BOBII AI design for future improvements by using more deterministic rather than random selection criteria. The goal is very simple "to improve the AI performance" and keep BOBII the best off line AI.

My gut feel based on my experience and testing is that the AI is now stronger at selecting the best/correct maneuver, avoiding bad positions (like low altitude), better at avoiding low energy, and in general a bit stronger fighter and defender. Of course, the Player will always “win” with experience/practice but if we give the player a better fight (scrap), I personally consider that real progress.

BTW, I also gave the Terminator a bit of boost in performance and tune-up so you might want to try it out. With the boost in Terminator performance, he was getting “cocky” so I implemented a spinout feature. The Terminator flies so close to the edge now that he has a tendency to “spinout”. This is when you can get him.

I also implemented a new AI feature called “Flying Factor (FF)”. This is the knowledge of the AI pilot to fly a given maneuver (experience) and how well the AI pilot will actually fly the given maneuver (skill). The FF is based on the Skill Level (customer selected in Instant Action Missions and software assigned in the Campaign). The Terminator is assigned a Skill Level of Hero2 (the highest in the game) so that is where he gets his boost in performance (edge).

The AI Performance Dependencies

Skill Level
The AI performance is dependent on AI Skill Level (which is customer selected in Instant Action and SW assigned in the campaign). BOBII AI do make mistakes (spin, crash, dumb maneuvers, bad judgment, shoot late , shoot bad, etc) which is after all very human.
The skill level of the AI is key in making decisions on about everything with respect to AI performance like (1) how well the AI fly, shoot, shoot fast, slow, accuracy, or not shoot, (2) how well the AI fly, what maneuvers are selected, and how well the AI will fly the chosen maneuver.

Random Numbers (Luck of the draw)
The BOBII AI A/C is also dependent on luck (specifically on random numbers). Random number decisions are coded through out the AI code. BOBII’s random approach keeps BOBII from doing the same thing each time. Even something as simple as the direction to start a maneuver (left or right), I will use a random number to decide (why hard code something when you can use a random number).

For example, most BOBII vertical maneuvers use a random number to assign a length of time to for a specific vertical maneuver (Like Zoom). The AI pilot will sometimes cut off early, or late, or somewhere in the middle. If early the maneuver may carry too much speed and if late the AI may slow down so much that control is lost (very human).

The bottom line is that the customer will always see a somewhat different maneuver (very good, good, not so good, and loss of control) both because of the random implementation and the different physic’s parameters (speed, roll, heading, pitch, and overall energy) going into each maneuver.

The very real downside of random numbers is it is very hard to test (not repeatable) and the processing power used.

The conditions for each maneuver are always different (energy, speed, altitude, skill, damage, and enemy position). This also changes how the maneuver is performed. A damaged AI will not fly as well as an undamaged AI.

Maneuver Selection
The first key decision to be made is to select either an aggressive or defensive maneuver. This is a complex decision based on the available information on both the Player and the Enemy AI or the friendly AI and the enemy AI. The data considered for both Player and enemy is speed, altitude, and the position of the targeting AI and the AI being targeted with respect to each other.

After selecting either an aggressive or defensive, then a random approach is used to select a category (choose good , choose bad , or choose neither good nor bad maneuver).
Maneuvers are then divided into three parts Vertical, Horizontal, and dive for each of our categories (choose good, choose bad, and choose neither good nor bad maneuver).

The individual maneuver selection is then based on speed, altitude, and position of both the player and the enemy AI.

One big thing to remember is that the BOBII AI performance is very dependent on AI Skill Level (which is customer selected in Instant Action and SW assigned in the campaign). BOBII AI do make mistakes (spin, crash, dumb maneuvers, bad judgment, shoot late, shoot badly, etc) which is after all very human.


1) Feature update (Buddye)

BDG_2.08 Changes (from 2.07)
1. Fixed Novice_Stronger_Bullets=ON [ #NOTE: Only the player has the stronger bullets (not the AI)] so that only the player has the stronger bullets and not the AI. Default is off and I added a NOTE in the BDG.txt
2. Fixed Auto Pilot so if significant damage occurs the A/C will crash as Auto Pilot will be disengaged back to manual and can not be re-engaged thanks to Trumper for catching this one for us.
3. Fixed Auto Landing in Auto pilot to exclude the BOBII unflyable A/C like bombers thanks to Bader for catching this one.
4. Added code to smooth out turns during auto landing thanks to Bader.
5. Prevented a CTD in SPC when START_FROM_PEN=ON.
6. Added a BDG.txt parameter External_View_Starting_Distance = 3.100000 #sets the starting distance from the A/C in external view NOTE: set to 1.3 to get the old distance. The default is 3.1 which fixes slight vibration in external view by increasing the distance slightly. NOTE: for anyone who wants/needs (for Pic’s or close inspections) the “old” distance set to 1.3.

7. Implemented necessary code to support Stickman’s BOBII 2D Gauge System work (see Manual for operation details by Stickman) with a special thanks to Eric (2D Gauge System Programmer) and Scott (provided the code to the BDG). The goal is provide a 2D gauge option for the A/C 3D gauges that have problems.
8. Fix a FlyBy sound issue where the Players A/C engine sound was left on during the FlyBy. The player’s engine sound is stopped during FlyBy and restarted when FlyBy is completed.
9. Added a BDG.txt parameter for MysticPuma or other movie makers. The default is 50 (for about 50 times the minimum distance). Most all customers will not use this option. External_View_Zoom_Distance , "External_View_Zoom_Distance", 50, "#Sets the max zoom distance from the camera (player A/C) in external view NOTE: default = 50 to zoom out farther set to 60,70, 80,etc. for movie makers like MP"
10. Added Range (in meters from the player, NOTE enemy AI only) to the MoveCode label for SW analysis/debug. If you set Show_MoveCodes=ON in the Bdg.txt, you will get the following:
11. Implemented a redesign and implementation of the AI Selection Criteria for 2.08.
12. A significant Reworked the AI maneuvers for “fighters against bombers” was done to improve AI performance. The new code is based on skill level.
13. Added a new BDG.txt parameter Collision_Detection_And_Avoidance=ON #NOTE CDAA must be set to TRUE to do Collision Detection And Avoidance. Also check the other two CA BDG.txt parameters for correct values, if needed. The default = ON.
Deleted the old BDG.txt parameter Collision_Avoidance (default = OFF)
This was done to permit the customers to have a default = ON for Collision_Dection_And_Avoidance for the new Tiger Moth in their BDG.txt. The slow speed of the Tiger Moth was causing the faster fighter to crash with the Tiger Moth too much. Requested by Osram.
14. Fixed the Bomb Doors not opening and closing correctly. I tested it in the Instant Action Intercepts Lone Fighter Vs Lone Bomber Mission and the Historic London mission. The Bomb doors work correctly on the DO17 and the HE111. They do not work on the JU88 (The JU88 has under wing bombs).
15. Prevented a CTD had by a customer by checking for a NULL Pointer in Diary::SetLanding (in sqddiary.cpp at line 2699.
16. Implemented the following Bdg.txt parameters for Ken our FM engineer (Note: these are only for Ken’s use for a FM change):
Spitfire_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 750 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
Hurricane_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 725 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
BF109_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 775 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
BF110_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 500 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
JU87B_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 250 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
TigerMoth_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 0 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
17. Implemented the following Bdg.txt parameter for testing the AI ( so I can easily see the speed and altitude of both the player and padlocked enemy AI A/C, Note: this feature will only work in AUTOCOMBAT):
Your_2dGauges_Work_In_Autopilot=OFF #Set to ON to have your 2dGauges work in AutoPilot. The default is OFF. Note: Only works in AUTOCOMBAT.
18. I fix a small bug when the movecode was SCREWYOUIMGOINGHOME (a group go home movecode). The A/C would not take Evasive action depending on many interesting factors I will not bore you with.
19. Changed the default for the LUF Campaign Directives from %tied 0 %free 100 to %tied100 %free0 (note: change only needed for Convoy and Eagle Day as the other phases were already that way). We felt that “attached” setting is more historically accurate and we also did a lot of LUF campaign testing for the LUF Escort bug and we feel this setting solves some or most of the Escort bug issues (except under some certain factors).
Customers can still change the Directives as they choose but we recommend you give the new default a try if you use Directives. If you do not use Directives for the LUF Campaign please give the default setting a try. Let us know if you are still having the Escort bug with a test case so we can debug it.
20. Implemented a Bdg.txt parameter for the AI called RAF_Breaksoff_Before_France. The default is OFF and the RAF will continue the fight until normal Go Home criteria is met (Ammo, Fuel, Damage). If your set RAF_Breaksoff_Before_France = ON, the RAF fighters will breakoff and go home before they reach France.
21. Osram added a new Bdg.txt parameter for the Triple Head customers. If you set ALLOW_ULTRA_HIGH_FOVS=ON in the Bdg.txt you can then expand the FOV for your Triple Head hardware. The default is ALLOW_ULTRA_HIGH_FOVS=OFF.
22. Thanks to Hard_Sarge (our new super Beta Tester), I able to fix some bugs in the RAF and LUF Combat Reports in the campaign (we never saw this problem in Instant Action (IA) as it is very hard to shoot down different A/C types in IA missions). The problem occurred when more than one A/C was shot down by both the player and the player’s wingmen.
23. Here are the new maneuvers that I coded and the ones I tried to improve:
NOTE: the new vertical risky maneuvers IMMELMANNTURN, IMMELMANN, INSIDELOOP, OUTSIDELOOP, and STALLTURN can only be seem by using the Hero, Ace, and Veteran skill levels (Includes Terminator = Hero2).
It is hoped the new maneuvers will add to the AI’s fun and enjoyment and also give the player a stronger fight.
24. I added 18 new BDG.txt parameters (Ken calls them “Boost” parameters) for Ken (Our FM engineer) so he can fine tune the Player FM and A/C movements. Ken will provide me with the numbers when he has time to complete his analysis and testing.
SPITFIRE_Aileron_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
SPITFIRE_Rudder_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
SPITFIRE_Elevator_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
HURRICANE_Aileron_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
HURRICANE_Rudder_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
HURRICANE_Elevator_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
BF109_Aileron_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
BF109_Rudder_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
BF109_Elevator_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
BF110_Aileron_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
BF110_Rudder_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
BF110_Elevator_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
JU87B_Aileron_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
JU87B_Rudder_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
JU87B_Elevator_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
TigerMoth_Aileron_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
TigerMoth_Rudder_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
TigerMoth_Elevator_Boost_Delta = 1.000000 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 1
25. Implemented a new “Spinout” maneuver. It works when you shoot at a enemy AI and score a hit or near miss. If the targeted AI is Damage = Yes (a specific amount of damage that that will send the targeted AI home (movecode =DISENGAGED or SCREWYOUIMGOINGHOME), then the targeted AI will have a 20% (medium) chance of a “Spinout”. If the targeted AI is Damaged = No, then the targeted AI has the following percent chance of a “Spinout” based on skill level:
NOVICE and POOR = 20%
ACE and HERO = 10%
I am trying simulate the different skill level AI pilot’s surprise and “ham fisted” reaction to being targeted, surprised, and shot at and the fact that a damaged A/C will tend to spinout when the AI pilot over reacts.
You control this feature with the BDG.txt Value Use_The_Spinout_Maneuver. The default is set to “ON” so if you want to use the new Spinout maneuver (recommended) do nothing. If you do not want to use the new Spinout feature, set the BDG.txt parameter Use_The_Spinout_Maneuver = OFF.
26. Increased the distance for the AI to start shooting for head-on engagements to account for the short time.
27. Fixed a CTD by checking for a zero pointer thanks to Prem.
28. Fixed A CTD thanks to Borton.
29. Fixed Optimize_Objects_During_Runtime to always be set to OFF (no matter what the customer has set in the BDG.txt).
30. Fixed a CTD in AirCombat() caused by a faulty check of the SAG control parameters for a extended SAG.
31. Fixed the problem of the customer issuing a Attack my Target radio command (help) while the A/C are on the ground.

I also wanted to document here a change to the Combat Report for the meaning of the “Enemy Casualities” line (PlayerKills/PlayerKills + AIKills, example, 2/4 ME109 means the player shot down 2 Me109’s, the AI wingmen shot down 2, and the total kills was 4).

4) New 2dGauge System

By default you will see no changes. However, you can now adjust displays to your preference. Below are three examples to get you going.
At the simpler end of things, if you simply wish to add a compass around your artificial horizon, try this: ...
It will unpack into a folder \2dGaugesBADER. Take the five files from it and place them in your existing \Battle of Britain II\2dGauges folder. (You may want to back up your originals first.) It should look like this: (see top right)
As a more advanced adaptation, Stickman has ...
It will unpack into a folder \2dGaugesSTICKMAN. Take the five files from it and place them in your existing \Battle of Britain II\2dGauges folder. (You may want to back up your originals first.) It looks like this: (a combination of analogue and digital readings)
As another alternative, we have Buddye's: ...
It will unpack into a folder \2dGaugesBUDDYE. Take the files from it and place them in your existing \Battle of Britain II\2dGauges folder. (You may want to back up your originals first.)
You can do some pretty advanced stuff, such as enable damage indicators for you own and any targeted enemy aircraft.
As this is a new feature, it may just be best to start a new thread on this forum if you need clarification and explanation.

5) New Ground Objects
2.08 General Pics: ... 428#101428

Not much to say beyond the fact that these models are not only gorgeous, they are highly optimised for sim usage (they are very efficient in the use of polys and transparency). Ben was a professional modeller for the UK MOD so picked up a few tricks along the way! There is no framerate impact at all of these new models.

There is also denser ground object detailing at a number of British and French airfields
RAF: Biggin Hill, Croydon, Debden, Duxford, Eastchurch, Gravesend, Hawkinge, Hornchurch, Kenley, Lympne, Manston, North Weald, Northholt, Tangmere, Warmwell
Luftwaffe: Marck, Abbeville, Le Havre, Wissant

You need to select MAXIMUM(=FULL) GROUND OBJECT DENSITY to see them all.

6) Updated High Res Terrain
Significant reworking of terrain assignments in many areas. (Just take a look near Poole now :)) The new High res textures are 4x the resolution of those with 2.07 and 16x the default resolution for BoBII at initial release. These higher resolution textures look better at lower altitudes, with the slight disadvantage of needing more graphics texture memory. The new set feel a little different from those in 2.07 and they are a very good fit for the South Eastern portion of England. Thank you to Stiz for the base texture work here, they have been heavily revised since.
PV has modified the landscape area around Purbeck (near Poole, Dorset) extensively. It is now highly true to life.
Also, 'route-widening' has been taken out of most land areas and terrain corrections have been made near coastlines, around airfields and the greater London area.

We also have a new airfield in Surrey. Redhill AF was a satellite to East Croydon, Biggin Hill and Kenley.

8 ) Updated Flight Models (FMs)
Ken (Blue Six) led the effort to improve the accuracy of the player aero surface deflection code which has been implemented on 2.08. To get the new more realistic aero surface deflection just set REDUCE_SURFACE_DEFLECTION = ON in the BDG.txt (the default). Here is his documentation on the change:

Patch 2.08 FM Refinement
The primary flight control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, and elevators) of early WW2 aircraft were not hydraulically boosted – the amount of deflection that could be achieved at medium and high airspeed was governed by the strength of the pilot, augmented by the mechanical advantage offered by the control circuitry and in some cases aerodynamic balancing on the control surfaces themselves. At extremely high speeds, the flight controls became very stiff and could only be moved a few degrees, greatly limiting their effectiveness.
Control surface deflection loss is already modeled in BoB II, provided REDUCE_SURFACE_DEFLECTION=ON in the .bdg file. Beyond a fixed threshold, achievable deflection decreases in direct proportion to increasing airspeed, until a limiting value of 10% of maximum deflection is reached. Beyond this point, 10% deflection remains, regardless of airspeed.
As part of ongoing efforts to improve the fidelity of flight modeling, beginning at Patch 2.08 control surface deflection loss will be scheduled by dynamic pressure (“q”). This means that achievable deflection now varies with the square of airspeed, and that ambient air density (effectively altitude) is also factored into the calculation. Upper and lower thresholds will be adjustable via new parameters in the .bdg file (e.g. SPITFIRE_Aileron_Boost_Delta = 1.000000), and the lower limit of control deflection remaining will be reduced to 5%.
Even at the default settings, this change should provide players with a more realistic FM. You may notice the controls being slightly more responsive at very high altitudes, and you certainly will notice the difference in control effectiveness if you dive beyond the never exceed velocity of approximately 450 mph / 725 kph IAS (indicated airspeed) at medium or low altitude. In due course all the FMs will be individually tuned to take full advantage of the new “boost delta” feature.
To take advantage Ken's approach and the new code which implements it, just set in the BDG.txt REDUCE_SURFACE_DEFLECTION=ON.

(NOTE: Some of this text is carried from 2.07 for reference.)
Notes from Blue Six:
Several incremental FM refinements are rolled out with BDG_2.07/8. Yaw stability and damping have been increased for most aircraft, to more closely approximate their real world performance. This will be most evident on the Spitfire, where previously, any side-to-side nose motion took an inordinate amount of time to damp out. Adjustments have been made to the on-ground acceleration of all five flyable aircraft, when AI-flown, to better match the takeoff performance achievable when the player flies the same aircraft. This addresses the problem of the player being left behind during Squadron takeoffs. Finally, and most significantly, propeller torque effects are now more properly modeled in BoB II - changes to throttle position or propeller pitch will produce a noticeable rolling moment which needs to be countered by the player. This provides additional challenge, particularly during takeoff and low speed flight.
Technical and user considerations related to the propeller torque effect dictated that these FM changes be packaged as two options, "standard" and "realistic." (NOTE: These options differ as to the control surface trims available to the player, and to suitability for use with the torque/slipstreaming option OFF. Note: the yaw stability/damping and AI takeoff improvements are incorporated in both options.

a. STANDARD FMs, for the casual to intermediate player, will work with the torque/slipstreaming option ON or OFF, and have sufficient aileron or rudder trim available to counter the propeller torque in most flight conditions, if desired. I have left Rowan's historically incorrect cockpit-adjustable aileron trim in place on the Bf109, for this purpose.

b. REALISTIC FMs, for the advanced player, are only suitable for use with torque/slipstreaming ON, and have the same cockpit-adjustable trims as the real world aircraft.
The Spit, Hurri and Stuka have elevator and rudder trim; no aileron trim.
The Bf109 has elevator trim only.
The Bf110 has cockpit adjustable trims for elevator and rudder.
The three single-engined fighter FMs in this package each have a built-in fixed aileron trim feature, which more or less balances the rolling moment (due to propeller torque) at a typical cruise speed and power setting. This is intended to simulate the aileron trim adjustments that would be made by the ground crew to reduce pilot workload (in the case of the Bf109, for example, by bending fixed metal tabs on the aileron trailing edges as needed. For the Hurricane a piece of rope would be glued to the top of the aileron and painted over). Without this feature in the sim, as in real life, large and sustained aileron and rudder inputs are required to offset the propeller torque reaction all across the speed/power setting range.

Note 1: Away from cruising speeds and throttle setting, you most likely will experience a steady rolling effect, in one direction or the other.
Note 2: As the Bf109 lacks a rudder trim you will not be able to trim "hands off" for high power application. Expect to have to use your right boot a lot in a 109. This is as it was in R/L.

10) Updated Multiskin
A key correction is included for Me109s in the 2.08 version along with some new personalised aircraft.
For example the personal aircraft of Tim Elkington:
Tim_Elkington wrote:He says OK - so herewith Eugene The Jeep - a magical creature - so it was said - shot down the next day - magical!!


208 Multiskin feature highlights:


Squadron leaders generally wear a rank penant beneath the cockpit.

8 base skins with various applications of camouflage and National Identity Markings. Underside colours varied considerably by unit and time.
Fin flashes had three characteristic forms, fuselage roundels two different sizes and underside colours varied from grey through to green and blue.
Presence of underside roundels varied by unit and time (only by the end of the Battle were they standardised).
-Keith Park O/C 11 Group personal aircraft OK-1, in characteristic white overalls: select Red 1 of Number 3 Squadron
-Douglas Bader, O/C 242 Squadron: select Red 1 of Number 242 Squadron
-Robert Stanford-Tuck, O/C 257 Squadron: select Red 1 of Number 257 Squadron
-Tim Elkington in JX-O with Eugene the Jeep emblem: select Red 3 of Number 1 Squadron
No 1 Squadron- Wasp emblem or spinner band.
No 17 Squadron- Oversized Squadron ID codes
No 32 Squadron- Oversized Squadron ID codes
No 85 Squadron- Hexagon under cockpit
No 87 Squadron- Cat and Swastika emblem, reversed Squadron and ID letters
No 303 Squadron- Red spinners
No 302, 303 Squadron- Polish Kościuszko emblem
No 310 Squadron- Czech National emblem
No 601 Squadron- Oversized Squadron ID codes

In addition, individual aircraft code letters are based, as far as can be gleaned, from historical sources. These unit-specific markings cover:
No 1, 1(C), 17, 32, 56, 85, 87, 151, 229, 238, 242, 249, 253, 257, 302, 303, 310, 601, 605, 607, 615 Squadrons.
As an example, Number 85 Squadron, led by Peter Townsend (later an Equerry to the King, and romantically linked to Princess Margaret) was pictured in flight with the following unit codes:
Red Section: VY-Q, VY-M, VY-U
Yellow Section: VY-O, VY-V, VY-K
Blue Section: VY-G, VY-Z, VY-J
Green Section: VY-R, VY-D, VY-E
In other words, if you find yourself in an aircraft marked 'T', then that's because it really was!

6 base skins with various applications of camouflage and National Identity Markings. Underside colours varied considerably by unit and time.
Less varied than Hurricanes. Fuselage roundels had two different sizes and underside colours varied from grey through to green and blue.
Presence of underside roundels varied by unit and time (only by the end of the Battle were they standardised).
-Photoreconnaissance PRU Spitfire 1: select Red 1 of Number 616 Squadron (the initial versions still carried guns and sights)
No 54 Squadron- Al Deere- Kiwi emblem
No 65 Squadron- East India Fund flight
No 66 Squadron- Red Spinner (ordered by S/L Lane after an unwelcome friendly bounce)
No 234 Squadron- Mailed fist crushing swastika
No 610 Squadron- Oversized Squadron ID codes

In addition, individual aircraft code letters are based, as far as can be gleaned, from historical sources. These unit-specific markings cover:
No 19, 41, 64, 65, 74, 92, 222, 266, 603, 609, 610 Squadrons.

RAF Multiskin PICS (NOTE: old terrain in this thread, not representative of 2.08 )


Messerschmitt 109:
An incredible 156 base skins to reflect the huge diversity of camouflage and National Identity markings schemes at this period. We also have 261 other badge and markings textures.
It is quite simply the most detailed and accurate representation of the 109 in the Battle of Britain ever created and models below Staffel level, down to key individual aircraft schemes.
ID markings are also accurate to individual aircraft level.
There are just too many schemes to itemise- each Staffel is unique!
A truly momentous effort from Maususer and Redband.

Luftwaffe Multiskin PICS (NOTE: old terrain in this thread, not representative of 2.08 )

Messerschmitt 110:
IIZG76- Shark Mouth under nose.

11) Updated Hurricane model.
Fixes to nose profile, spinner, smoothing of wing leading edges and general corrections to improve the way that lighting effects work across the model. Animated pilot.
Thanks to Simon for this one.
(Note: Old hangar model in the background in this shot and lack of vehicle shadows. You're supposed to be looking at the Hurricane. ;) These are fixed in the release version. )


Another wonderful team effort across all times zones and nationalities. There are dozens of people contributing to the various versions so far. Specifically on 2.08, thank you to
Coders- Buddye, Osram, Eric
Flight Model (FM)- Blue Six
Models: Creation, conversion- Ben, Geoff, Simon. Testing- Bader
Textures- Stickman, Redband, Bader
Landscape- Stiz, PV, Stickman, Bader
Testing/General- Trumper, Borton, Tako_Kichi, chumleigh, Rummy, Heinkill, Hard_Sarge, Bader.. and, as ever, Scott, for allowing us to camp out here and general support.



And finally, a couple of mods for those than fancy them:
1) High res Glass mod: ... CKPM16.rar (2M)
This increases the resolution of the Spitfire glass so that the oval punch out section is less blurred. This panel, along with external armour on the front windscreen and a flat sided sliding canopy section, was highly characteristic of the Mk1 Spitfire.
Since it takes more texture memory, those with low end gfx cards may not wish to use it. Files are included for all aircraft. The glass is slightly cleaner than in the official updates.
Unpack these files to your Battle of Britain II\cockpm16 folder, replacing the existing ones.

2) Me109 cockpit mod (Stickman) ...
A number of changes, with a cleaner and darker look than before and lighter reflector glass. Main panel is higher res.
Since it takes more texture memory, those with low end gfx cards may not wish to use it.
Standard Emil:
With this mod:
-- Hi res panel, Cleaner gauge faces, Cleaner crisper pointers, Muzak's Revi Leather, lighter reflector glass.

3) Me110 increased view area
To enable a greater view over your left and right shoulder, unpack this file. ...
You should have Bf110C4.acd text file (you can edit and read it with notepad). Add it to your Battle of Britain\models folder. (You may wish to backup your current one first.) It also raises the eyepoint slightly.

There are two things that change in this updated Bf110.acd file.
MaxViewHeading 16384 ->22576 (this increases the rearwards view)
EyePosYOffset 0 -> 2400 (this raises the eyepoint a little)
You can make your own edits to this file using Notepad (or any text editor).
Last edited by Bader on 09 Sep 2008, 07:00, edited 30 times in total.
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Post Para_Bellum »

Yay! Downloading as I type this!

Many thanks to all involved!


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Post Tango589 »

WOOHOO!! I'm downloading this as I type. I'm just waiting on my Saitek throttle quadrant to be delivered in the next 2 hours and I'm all set!! :D
All I want is a pair of wings.

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Post Jethro »

Grabbing! Thanks guys! :D


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Post tactician93612 »

Thank you, thank you !!!

IL2 is now officially shelved ! Long live Bob2: WoV !

Excellent job to all hands !!!

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BOB2 2.08

Post marine »

Have downloaded,installed with no problems at all,brilliant. :D
Thanks to all the BDG team for this update,and to the work that has been involved in updating BOB.
Havent had much time yet to get involved with the game ,except going into Control options,and looking for the FOV 135 maximum.instead of 110 maximum.
Cant find 135FOV,as i thought earlier in the threads awhile back that it would be implimented in the 2.08 update,there again,perhaps im wrong.
you live and learn,and die and forget.

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Post Osram »

marine: The bdg.txt variable is called

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Post Oli »

WOW (or wov...) !!! :shock:

Really great job.

Thanks a lot to all of you for this upgrade. :D

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Post marine »

Osram wrote:marine: The bdg.txt variable is called
Thanks for the tip,have gone into bdg.txt,have found it now in options,great stuff.
you live and learn,and die and forget.

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Post offwatch »

Downloading now, cant wait.

Thank you to all who have worked to make this happen.



Post hunterbear »

Thank you BDG for such a great update!

Lots of love and hard work continue to improve your sim. Really enjoy the new models and skins. Finally the Luftwaffe gets some decent ground objects, yeah!

Congrats all around!

Hopefully I'll be too busy playing 2.08 to care when 2.09 comes round.

Great job!!


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Post Seafireliv »

Pretty amazing readme. d\ling and thanks.

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2.08...Bloody Great!!!!

Post Squigs »

Fantastic work fellers....Congratulations...very much appreciated from DownUnder!!!!
Sgt Squigs

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Post Sovien »

Awesome! Can't wait to get home from work and get d/l'ed and installed.

Oh why oh why couldn't I have been stuck at home sick today or something....oooo, wait, I've got it!...whatever I decide to eat for lunch today will magically make me sick!

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Post Baza »

As expected, it looks absolutely great - thanks folks. BUT woe is me - in preparation for 2.08, I decided to update all my drivers, including those for the motherboard, to try and stop the occasional 'blue screen of death' linked to Nvidia's SATA driver, which was supposed to be fixed by Vista SP1 but wasn't!

I should have known better - now I get BSODs randomly, every few minutes and within 10 seconds of getting into the 3D in the sim. Tried going back to a restore point prior to installation of the drivers but no change. Looks like I'm going to have to reformat the disc and start from scratch, only this time I think I'll put XP on instead of Vista. To add to it, I'm on holiday for two weeks from Saturday; not that I'm sorry to be spending two weeks with my grandsons but it means it'll be nearly three weeks until I get my first opportunity to try this new and wonderful incarnation. :cry:

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