Back in and having fun :)

Battle of Britain "Wings of Victory"
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Back in and having fun :)

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got bored with flying FS and no weapons so I installed BOBII again. I am really liking it witht the updated and am having a lot of fun flying against so many enemy aircraft :) What about the multiplayer? It is on my main screen. Is there an online group for BOBII now and if so how do I get in touch with them?

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We left the Multi-player on the main menu by mistake because we have been working on it. I have remove it now in the code. We have hit some real life issues and the multi-player is now on hold. We do not have it working.

Most all the BDG team hang out at the BOBII Shockwave forum. Most all our work is coordinated on the Shockwave Beta Test forum.

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Unfortunately Muliplayer has been "proactivly hacked" by the german airforce and now the He-111's and Me-110's fly like V-2 rockets and turn on a dime with absolutely no pilot blackouts.. :twisted:

I hate to even tell you what the stuka's can do now.. :)

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Welcome back, 46th_Terror :)
"Ah yes, Michael (Parkinson)," Bader replied, "But these particular Fockers were Messerschmitts..."

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as a recent returner too :)
I have to agree about the multiplay.
Love be able to have a go at a real human or two !
(fondly remembers MSCFS1 Interlaken at the Zone )

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