Accu-feel for MSFS

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Accu-feel for MSFS

Post by SAQQARA »

When can we have this for MSFS. I find it vital for full immersion and I miss it bad. Please modify for MSFS use as soon as you can!


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Re: Accu-feel for MSFS

Post by Lewis - A2A »

Maybe in the future who knows. As with a lot of developers we are waiting for the 2020 platform the mature and the SDK to be a little more capable regarding allowing us to create software and inject it into the sim.

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Re: Accu-feel for MSFS

Post by rookie31st »

Hello! After Accu-Sim 2.0 release for MSFS, is there any update for Accu-Feel for MSFS?

I just recently came across Comanche 250 on Twitch and was stunned. It surpasses both JPL, JustFlight and even SimWorks by a lot. Brilliant job!

But! Comanche is not my favorite airframe. Cherokee 180 has a special place in my heart. A2A has Cherokee for FSX, so if it was offered for MSFS it would be an instant buy for me. I hesitate with PA-24. I will probably still buy it at some point, although I'm cautious due to the transition to MSFS2024, but I have to ask if Accu-Feel is a possibility for MSFS.

I also enjoy flying Cessna 337 from Carenado, but the lack of realism makes me sad at times. I would love to operate my Skymaster with at least engine and fuel simulation like in Accu-Sim 2.0 using Accu-Feel.


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