Sunday 13th August - Humanitarian Mission

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Sunday 13th August - Humanitarian Mission

Post by DavidW »

Having been 'selected' to arrange this Sundays flight I decided that the Connies needed some exercise.

The only notable event I could find for the 13th August was in 1968 at the height of the Biafran war, Nigerian civil war, relating to a humanitarian flight. However time constraints have meant that I have had to shorten the time which we allocate to the Misfit Squadron group flights.

The airstrip used for relief flights was Uli, Anambra; codename "Airstrip Annabelle", and was the only operational airstrip in Biafra. However, this is not modelled but I believe that if you have Microsobo's flying game there is a highway roughly near to the co-ordinates of where it was located.

However, the nearest airport is unable to be used for this flight owing to the anomolies associated with ORBX Africa Land Class which has several airports either in a deep hole or mounted high up on a plateau!!!

So I have exercised a bit of "licence" and chosen another airport in what was Biafra.

Our departure airport will be FGSL, Malabo where we will load up with full cargo, supplies and only 4 relief/aid workers. On a side note not just food supplies and other aid was flown in but also arms and ammunition.

We will need to fly around or below 5,000 feet for the first leg so as to avoid Nigerian air defences, Mig-17's, and AA guns.

Upon unloading the cargo we will then take a full passenger load of women and children to safety and head for FPST, Sao Tome International.

The flights originated primarily from: the island of Sao Tome; the island of Fernando Po (then a Spanish colony and now known as Bioko, Republic of Equatorial Guinea); and Coutonou, Dahomey (now Benin).

Additional information can be found here: Wikipedia - Biafran Airlift and also about Carl Gustaf von Rosen who was involved.

Here is the SkyVector flight plan: Nav Log.

Meet at: 1830z for a 1900z departure.

Meet on: Digital Theme Park on JoinFS.

Comms through A2A Discord channel.

Start at: Malabo, FGSL.

Aircraft: Lockheed L-049 Constellation.

Local takeoff time: 0900.

Weather: Historical.

The flight time is just over two hours but with unloading and ground movements will a little bit extra.

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Re: Sunday 13th August - Humanitarian Mission

Post by ratty »

Very nice! We should volunteer you more often. :D

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Re: Sunday 13th August - Humanitarian Mission

Post by ianfisher 101 »

Nice One David. Good find.
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