Friday 11-Aug-2023 Fighter Sweep - SPITFIRE!

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Friday 11-Aug-2023 Fighter Sweep - SPITFIRE!

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Fellow Misfits: Looks like Ian won't be able to lead us on the next flight of our Friday Series in the Glorious Grass Fields the UK, so during our flight this Friday we decided to substitute a one-off flight for next Friday, 11-Aug-2023. Sorry to tell you this, but I volunteered to come up with the flight. I figured that since we're already in England, we might as well operate out of the same area. What better way to fly, and to generally wreak havoc, in the UK and surrounding areas than in a Spitfire MkI or MkII?


So here's the basic mission profile. We'll take off from Goodwood (EGHR) and fly at low altitude across the Channel to the French coast, where we'll fly toward Paris. Guess we'll have to fly under the Arc de Triomphe. That's to let 'em know we're coming. Next we'll fly north to Ameins, which will put us in a perfect position to come in through the back door and and strafe the homefield of the Abeville Boys (Jagdgeschwader 26). We'll fly north and cross back over to England on the Strait of Dover. Dip a wing in salute at Dunkirk. From there we fly over a few aerodromes and then land at another old fighter base, Stapleford (EGSG). I'll buy the first round at the Club.

Recommended aircraft is an A2A Spitfire. Anything prop plane that is really fast will work, like a Mustang, P-40, or a P-47 (just don't blow up the engine). The distance is 598 NM, and is guesstimated to take 2 hr 19 min in my MkII Spitfire.

Skyvector looks like: ... GWN%20EGSG

Meet at: 1830z for a 1900z departure. Local takeoff time 1200.

Weather: Live or historical, we'll decide while waiting for engine start time.

Meet on: Digital Theme Park on JoinFS.

Comms through A2A Discord channel.

Start at: Goodwood (EGHR).

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