Sunday, July 5 MP Flight - Cape Town and Environs

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Sunday, July 5 MP Flight - Cape Town and Environs

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Explore Cape Town and the mountains and national parks in the area. A 185-nautical mile trip for Cherokees, 172s, 182s, and T-6s.

Flight plan looks like: ... 06E%20FACT

Meet at: 1745 UTC, Sunday, July 3.

Meet on: The Digital Theme Park server on JoinFS.

Comms: Through A2A community on Discord.

Start at: Ysterplaat AFB, Cape Town, FAYP.

Set local time: 1500.

Set weather: Clear or Fair. (Or, really, whatever you want. Who am I to dictate what sort of conditions you should fly in? But it is a great sightseeing tour, and you'll miss a lot if your visibility is poor.)


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Re: Sunday, July 5 MP Flight - Cape Town and Environs

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The default FSX scenery for FAYP is a barren background and no parking. Just a runway.

Here are a couple of scenery Downloads for FYAP I found on Avsim. FSX versions but appear to work fine in P3DV4.
The runway is in a slightly different location between these two files.

I am going to use the larger, more detailed version, Parking 5
Small File Size 1.2 MB - 2 parking spaces - OK in FSX and P3DV4

Larger file size 6.1 MB - PhotoReal, 8 parking places - OK in FSX and P3DV4



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