P3D v5 updates?

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P3D v5 updates?

Post Kilua »

With the new Prepar3D v5 will there be anything that the A2A developers need to do in order to make their planes fully working in the new sim? I have already moved my plane from v4 to v5 via add-on.xml method that was explained in a forum post here and all seems to be working okay so far. But I would like to know if there will be an official P3D v5 version made specifically to take advantage of any new features that may be out.

and also, I'm not sure if this is a problem related to P3D v5 or what, but there are certain times when the yoke inside the plane don't seem to move. Sometimes when trying to rotate the plane during takeoff, pulling back on my logitech extreme 3D barely moves the yoke, and at certain times when applying left/right rudder to steer my plane down the runway it barely wants to turn. I have to restart my sim to fix the problem, or sometimes open A2A's menu and reset the plane. Any ideas on why it's acting like this, or is this normal behavior?

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Re: P3D v5 updates?

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Hello Kilua,

Our current position is explained in this post. New installers for the Accu-Sim fleet will be released on a plane-by-plane basis as they're ready, but at present we can't commit to timescales and which changes each plane will receive. Part of the issue is that P3Dv5 was released with features such as the "advanced atmospherics" still in a beta state and it's likely that the platform will still require some significant updates.

For your second paragraph, how are you mapping controls in the sim and have you made sure that the sensitivity and dead-zone settings are the same as in v4?

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