Spitfire after update is unmanageable

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Re: Spitfire after update is unmanageable

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Hi All
I've just picked up on this thread and have a piece of information regarding the controls that may help. When we test fly and calibrate at Boultbee we are using a real control column and rudder pedals. As this gives a much larger lever moment, normal control inputs on our column or pedals at full sensitivity would translate to much smaller inputs on a PC joystick. In a take off situation, over-controlling with the rudder when you start chasing the nose is going to cause Pilot Induced Oscillation (PIO) which inevitably ends with a pile of scrap metal at the end of the runway. Backing off the control surfaces sensitivity in the calibration section will probably give a more realistic joystick movement range and response.

Darryl or Dudley have probably already explained the takeoff but I'll quickly go through how we do it in the sim.

Pull the joystick almost fully back with right aileron. Slowly start to feed in the power. In the Mk.IX we're aiming for 6lbs of Boost at 3000RPM over 6-8 seconds (I'm not sure what the numbers are for the Mk.I/II so replace with appropriate Boost Pressure). From standstill the nose will initially pull to the right, this is torque from the prop and propwash hitting the right side of the rudder. Counter it with a gentle left rudder input. As the aircraft begins to roll the aircraft will then start to pull left and the aerodynamics start to bite, apply right rudder inputs to keep the nose pointing down the centre of the runway. Slowly push the stick forward to raise the tail and stop and hold at a point before you can see the horizon in the windscreen. By the time the tail starts to lift ailerons should be central and you should only require small left and right inputs on the rudder to maintain centreline. In our sim this results in a gentle tapdance on the rudder pedals. As the aircraft unsticks, pull back on the stick a little then hold central and climb.

Hope this helps

Best regards

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Re: Spitfire after update is unmanageable

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Thanks to Karrilon and everybody who posted their own solutions for the new physics of the spitfire. I spent some time yesterday getting frustrated with a sequence of horrible takeoff attempts. This morning I ramped up the sensitivity of my yoke and pedal axis and started paying closer attention to the small details. I’m still not completely happy with my performance, but I am becoming more enthusiastic than less discouraged! I’m on a short coffee break and then going right back into it.

So, also a big thanks to A2A for not letting an older project go stale. This is a novel characteristic not found too often in the simulation world. You guys and gals that comprise A2A are, hands down, the best in the business.

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