Virtual Cockpit Failure

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Virtual Cockpit Failure

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I can't find any other posts about this problem, but the virtual cockpit in my brand new WoP3 P-47 Razorback fails after about 5 minutes of flight. After that point, I get a blank (black) screen when I try to bring up the virtual (3D) cockpit. The minipanel, of course, works fine.

I have about two dozen other aircraft installed (including 5 from A2A) on FSX and none of them exhibit this problem, so I don't know where to even BEGIN troubleshooting.

This is a shame because, otherwise, this P47 is probably the BEST one!



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Re: Virtual Cockpit Failure

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it sounds like you are passing out due to lack of oxygen, did you don your oxygen mask for higher altitudes?

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Re: Virtual Cockpit Failure

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You say you are switching from mini panel to virtual cockpit. Are you sure you don't have the Wings of Power 2 version, aka the SOLO version for FS9/FSX? The WoP3 version does not have a 2D instrument panel.
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