Two Focke Wulf's being restored to flying condition

The most maneuverable WWII aircraft in history
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Two Focke Wulf's being restored to flying condition

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Here is a project going on here in Florida that is fully restoring a FW190A3 and FW190F8 to complete flying condition.

There is real combat history in this project. The Fw190F8 fought in defense of the famous Battleship Tirpitz. The squadron commander actually flew this airplane (one of the few to score a victory over a reconaissance-type Spitfire) and the team keeps in close touch with one of the former pilots, who is still alive in Berlin, Hans Orlowski.

Check it out from time to time. If you are someone who can donate to help them along, all the better.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s interest in our Wings of Power planes and just WWII aviation in general. Thanks from the whole team.

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