No more flying for me

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No more flying for me

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Well guys I havent been around much and it is because my gaming pc finially died. As I can't afford to replace it or repair it I am forced to retire myself from flying :cry:

Scott I wanted to say I will definately miss flying your WWII aircraft especially the B-17 for FSX. I have had more hours of enjoyment flying that one aircraft across 3 different sims, CFS3, FS2004 and FSX that I am supremely grateful for you making them. I also wanted to thank you for allowing my to be involved over the years as it has given me a large respect for you and the way you have run this business.

So in parting guys and gals it has been fun and hopefully one day in the future I can get airborne again.

Robert Swaim

PS I am selling all my controllers so If you are in the Raleigh nc area and are interested check here. ... hp?t=74794

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Post CodyValkyrie »

Sad to hear you are giving up this wonderful hobby. Hopefully in the future you will return to it and rekindle your love. Best of luck bud!

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Thanks for the kind words but are you sure you want to sell all that equipment? PC's are just getting cheaper - and the flight simming is just getting better. I have to think in the coming year or so you can get yourself another gaming rig. Either way, we will miss your presence while you are not flying.

A2A Simulations Inc.

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Post JJB17463rdBombGroup »

It's too bad that one of us doesn't live close to him.
When a PC has problems it could be a simple failure like the video card failed or perhaps Power Supply failure.Even if the CPU and Motherboard failed (or fried) the rest of the components might be able to be used.
Before you throw away your dead gaming system have someone you trust look it over and see what's wrong with it first as it could just be a PSU that went belly up.
And Scott is right the PC's and components are getting better and cheaper every day.You should keep your controllers during the meantime.

If it's just the CPU and the Mainboard that is not working you could get a FSX capable Mainboard and CPU for around $160.If you're lucky your DDR2 Ram still works and you can use it.
Here is a cheap one and you can disable the onboard graphics and use your current card (I assume it's a PCI-E one) ... 6813128090

Here is a much better motherboard for only a few more dollars ... 6813130172

Here is a inexpensive AMD processor to go with it. ... 6819103212

Here is a video of someone using a lesser capable system with FSX Acceleration.

Don't give up so easy please.
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Post Snuffy »


If something has come up in your life outside of the gaming world please understand we all can emphasize as it has happened to us at some point in our lives.

Otherwise, if you're interested, a faily mediochre machine can be found HERE.

I just upgraded my system and it didn't cost me over 300 dollars. Granted I don't have the top of the line rig .. but it runs FSX with accel just fine.

I got the nVidia 680i motherboard and a new E4800 processor. All the other components in my rig are all carry overs from a previous build.

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Post Trumper »

I can only agree with the posts above.Don't sell your stuff yet that is working you never know what's round the corner and you may regret getting rid of them.Stick them in a box and put them in the loft for now. :)

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Post eif87 »

DON'T SELL THEM! You worked hard to purchase them, and that kind of hardware is a big investment! It would be a shame to just give them away like that =(

You never know what's ahead in the future...hold on to them!
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