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Issues with CIV Mustang in P3Dv4

Posted: 30 Aug 2018, 16:56
Hey guys,
I have a couple of issues with the Civilian Mustang in P3Dv4.

1. The Attitude Indicator is linked to the Battery instead of the Suction Pump. Is it really meant to be an electric AI?
2. The Davtron M303 turns on with the Battery but you can't cycle the modes unless the Avionic Master is on.
3. The exterior lights will stay on after switching off electrical power (this is true for all your P3Dv4 GA planes).
4. Some gauges have unnecessary clickspots, maybe a leftover from testing? (HSI, Suction, Clock, MAN pressure, Tachometer)
5. Even though the GTN 650 is set to COM 1 in it's configurator, you can't use the radio unless the stock Bendix King unit is turned on.


Re: Issues with CIV Mustang in P3Dv4

Posted: 30 Aug 2018, 20:51
Nick - A2A
Thanks Jan - we'll certainly take a look into these.


Re: Issues with CIV Mustang in P3Dv4

Posted: 09 Feb 2019, 17:13
Just took my first flight in P-51 Civilian and I have the same issue with the Davtron 303 as mentioned above. When I turn on battery power it shows voltage and can't cycle it. With avionics on can cycle it. Figured was worth bumping it up so it doesn't fall off the radar. 8)

Re: Issues with CIV Mustang in P3Dv4

Posted: 11 Feb 2019, 08:00
Hi guys.

1. Yes, this AH is electric.
2. I will fix the Davtron.
3. I can't confirm the external lights. Mine go out without the electric power. Do you by a chance use FSUIPC with an "electric always on" option checked?
4. These clickspots are a part of an incoming feature however it is not decided yet whether it will be included. Please, ignore it for now.
5. I will correct the COM for the 3-rd party GPS units so one doesn't need to turn the stock radios on.


Re: Issues with CIV Mustang in P3Dv

Posted: 11 Feb 2019, 13:04
Only issue I see with the current build is the Davtron. I just got 4.4 installed a week or so ago and just bought the P-51 civ over the weekend. Lights and everything work as they should on my system as I tested it all out after reading this thread and found nothing else wrong. Just Davtron comes on as soon as I hit battery power. I just replied to this thread cause I didnt want to create a duplicate.