Tiny Fonts in Accusim menus

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Re: Tiny Fonts in Accusim menus

Post rosariomanzo »

Sorry to revive this very old topic but i'm unable to solve this problem.
I have had all my Accusim products with no issues of this kind when I was on W7 64, now the tiny font issue is on my W10 64. This happens on the P51 Civ and on the Connie 2D panels. I'm on P3D 4.5.
I have only Courier New in my windows/fonts folder.

May someone please help?

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Re: Tiny Fonts in Accusim menus

Post Subwofer2 »

I've managed to fix the issue on my machine (Win 10) by installing the correct courier font file, coure.fon, from another computer and installing it where it was missing.

1) Open Control panel
2) Search for Fonts
3) on left - select "View Installed Fonts"
4) Looking through my fonts, there was a "Medium Courier" and "Courier New"
5) On other working sim computer, I had a "Courier New" as well as "Courier Regular"
6) Right clicking on "Courier Regular" opens a list, click copy and paste this to a thumb drive "or something" - it will show as coure.fon
7) I moved this file to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder on the sim computer having an issue - it automatically installed
8) Restart the computer, load the sim, and your tiny fonts should now be normal

What did not work was downloading a file from a google search called "COURIER.TTF" - this did not fix the issue.
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