Mouse Click not Working

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Mouse Click not Working

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My problem is that when I move the mouse over a switch or knob to operate the item ,there is no highlight or action when I click to engage the switch or knob.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no effect. All my other a2a aircraft are working as needed.
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Re: Mouse Click not Working

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Are you using any kind of head tracking/VR/eye tracking?
Pause it, and press CTRL+SPACE. It sounds like you clipped into the model.

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Re: Mouse Click not Working

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flapman is correct this would be my guess too, it simply sounds like your eyepoint is inside the model in FSX and P3D this prevents line of sight and so no click spots will work.

Unfortunately if you reinstalled that could have created new issues itself that will need fixing, in tech support a reinstall is rarely a step 1 fix and can cause more issues than when you start with so best to avoid until other things have been tried.

If you need help re-updating please let us know.

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