Accu-Feel update for FSX and P3D?

Add a touch of Accu-Sim to your simulation
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Accu-Feel update for FSX and P3D?

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Hi, I've used Accu-Feel a long time for FSX and I know every time I have to install it to then install the update v2.091 for it. I recently started using P3Dv5 and I got the P3D version as well now. Do I need to use the same Accu-Feel update for the P3D version as I do for the FSX version?

I also have a second question I always wondered about. Is it better to have Accu-Feel on or off for A2A aircraft? I notice it seems to be turned off by default for every A2A plane I own. I know they all have Accu-Sim so is it even necessary?

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Re: Accu-Feel update for FSX and P3D?

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the FSX update is not needed for the P3D version and for the on or off question. Then by default its off by design as Accu-sim is already there in its full form since Accu-feel is to add a hint of Accu-sim to none Accu-sim aircraft. However Accu-feel is also all about immersion as well as realism, with you the user in charge for what is real and immersive for you. So if you want to turn it on and fiddle around then please do, and set it to how is the most immersive and enhancing your flight sim hobby for you.

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