Hot Engine Restarts

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Hot Engine Restarts

Post RodBorza »

...or the absence of it.

Let me explain. I am using the P-40 in FSEconomy. So I get one job, take to another airport, land, then finish the job. As you may expect, the engine is hot (not too hot), but within parameters, in the green zone for coolant and oil temperatures.
So, after taxiing, I turn the engine off. I then take some minutes to choose another job and then go and restart the bird. Do everything by the book, hit the starter then engage, the engine starts spinning but does not start. Try it again, everything by the book, two shots of primer, and then no joy.

One thing I noticed though is that if I wait until the oil temperature drops to 40 ºC, then if I try a restart, it will work. The engine starts.

So...what is happening here? Is the engine too hot, so the primer shots input in the engine are vaporizing due to the temperature?

Is this expected behavior or some bug?


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Re: Hot Engine Restarts

Post MkIV Hvd »

Have you tried restarting it when it’s hot with no prime?

I’d be willing to bet that you’re flooding it and it doesn’t need to be primed on a hot start.

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Re: Hot Engine Restarts

Post Tomas Linnet »

Maybe it could be a good idea to try a hot start without FSeconomy running, sometimes things happen when running other software.
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Re: Hot Engine Restarts

Post ratty »

Rob's right. Flooded.

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Re: Hot Engine Restarts

Post Paughco »

Good way to un-flood (de-flood?) the Allison on your P-40 is to turn off the mags, open the throttle all the way, then wind up the flywheel and engage to crank the engine for one cycle. Next, crack the throttle, turn on the mags, and wind up the flywheel and engage. She should start then.

Similar process to starting a flooded Harley panhead, but it's six kicks on the pedal with the ignition off and the throttle wide open :D .


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