loading sequence/persistance/oil dillution

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loading sequence/persistance/oil dillution

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Hey guys,

I wonder how to start a new flight. I think best is to start with fsx standard free flight, setting it up where and when I want to t/o from, start the flight, setting the standard a/c tho cold and dark and then load the 377 COTS . So every thing should work fine. Am I right?

And I would like to know what exactly is saved between the flights inside the A2A files. Is oil dillution saved, too?

There's a third question: What exactly happens system wise when I click the "cold start" button? Beside the "standard aircraft configuration" does it affect the persistance of the airplane (e.g. oil dillution, internal temperatures and so on)?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: loading sequence/persistance/oil dillution

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You don't have to shut down the default aircraft before loading the Strat. If you have the aircraft on the ground with the parking brake set it will automatically set the "cold start" configuration.

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