B377 and GSX level 2

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B377 and GSX level 2

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Curious if when updating the B377 and Connie for that matter to P3Dv4 the idea of a GSX level 2 version would be do-able?

Things that come to mind would be:
Determine the best staircase to use and use that (A2A or GSX)
Loading the pax in GSX will load the pax in the A2A plane weight and balance module
The doors dont close until all the cargo and pax are on or off the plane
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Re: B377 and GSX level 2

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no plans for anything like this at the moment.

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Re: B377 and GSX level 2

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I too am looking forward to GSX level 2. I've wanted people boarding since day one and its finally near. :)

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