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B-377 Reverse thrust fixed

Posted: 17 Apr 2018, 20:04
For years I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out this ongoing problem, and/or waiting
for an A2A solution.
I have finally figured out a solution that works 100% of the time for me.
I have always believed the problem was and is in a conflict somewhere in the mapping from the ( "FUNCTION KEYS" F1, F2, and F3 ) on our keyboard through FSX mapping to our flight controllers.

I can't explain why mapping the function keys F1 (Throttle cut ), F2 ( Throttle decrease quickly), and F3 (Throttle increase quickly) to my Saitek controller buttons ( I use both the Pro version and X52 version on two seperate flight simulators ) creates the chatter/flicker in the controller throttles, They will not lift up and go over the gate into full reverse. # Very frustrating.

We do get a bit of reverse thrust using the temporary workaround ( The most common workaround ).
It is better than just braking, but nowhere near as good as the throttles/propellers going into full reverse, and that lovely sound that those R4360 engines make in reverse is so exhilaratingly realalistic.

1) First go into FSX controller mapping and delete any joystick buttons that are mapped to F1, F2, and F3. * You want to use the function keys on your keyboard only.
2) Start FSX, when the Free Flight Screen open's showing your aircraft slowly turning on its invisible pedestal, go to Fly Now and enter into the cockpit.
I have never ever had good luck or a smooth flight doing anything from the free flight screen, I always have a much smother trouble free flight when from within the cockpit I set my ( Home ) departure airport location, along with an associated flight plan I use alot, while at the same time configuring the aircraft the way I want it configured prior to pushback.
I then save ( From the cockpit only ) this set up as my always go-to start up default flight.
Once I have everything set up the way I like it including a flight plan, one that I use more often than not, I save the flight as my default flight.
Now every time I enter the cockpit I simply go to "Load" and pick my go-to start up flight on the list check marked as my default flight.
Then from the cockpit you can go into flight planning and configure any new flight plan you choose.

3) Once you land, bring your Saitek throttle group back to idle, then through the detent into the reverse position while pressing down F2 on your keyboard, you will see and hear your throttles going into full reverse, then, "Very Important " press F3 and hold it down until you see the throttle group return to the idle position, then simply move your Saitek throttle group forward to taxi to the gate.

Note: If you simply push F3 and let it go quickly the throttles will get stuck and chatter/flicker in the reverse position, you must hold down the function key F3 long enough for the throttle group to move out of reverse and back up into idle all the while you are manually on your controller catching up by pushing your throttles forward to resume your taxi off the runway and on to your gate.

The point here is that in order for reverse to work properly everytime on the B-377 you must actually use the F1, throttle cut ( Only If using a mouse as your throttles, otherwise you will be doing it manually (instinctively) using your controller to go past the idle position, through the detent into full reverse )
As you go past the idle position and into full reverse press F2, Hold down (Throttle decrease quickly) (F2) long enough to watch it go past idle and into full reverse, to then get out of reverse push and hold (F3), (Throttle increase quickly) until the throttles go back up to the idle position, then you can physically push your throttle group forward catching up with your controller to continue your taxi to the nearest exit and gate.

I have been blessed by having such helpful like minded mates on this forum who have helped me immensely throughout the years, hopefully these instructions will help those who are having trouble with their reverse thrust not working properly on their B-377.
There are some very smart folks on this forum who may be able to take this issue to the final solution in being able to map ( So it works 100% of the time ) the F1, F2, and F3 throttle defaults to the button keys on any controller, for some reason mapping the "Function Keys" through FSX to your contoller buttons gleans very poor results at this time for many, Somehow mapping these three function keys through FSX to the controller causes unknown conflicts.
Using these function keys directly off your keyboard works perfect for me, some may not experence the same results as I have, but I wanted to share my findings to all who can benifit from my observations thus far.

You can do all your testing on any long runway with engines running, just make sure your parking brake is in the "OFF" position.
Insure after your testing/practicing is complete that you rebuild your engines, they will need it.

Re: B-377 Reverse thrust fixed

Posted: 17 Apr 2018, 20:44
Yes, this is how I have managed reverse thrust for the B377 for the last couple years (I have really started to fly it).
I keep my Saitek bindings in place in FSX, and just use the keyboard commands for the Strat. The reverse detent is bound as F2 (high repetition), and releasing the detent "button" presses F1 with no repetition.

when I land any other reverse aircraft, I place my throttle into reverse, and observe the engines go into full reverse, when I move the lever back to Idle, the engines return to forward and idle power/thrust
when I land the A2A B-377 Stratocuriser, I place the throttle into idle, and press my keyboard F2 key, and watch the engines go into reverse. I release the F2 key when I have achieved the desired reverse MAP, and when ready to exit reverse, I press my keyboard F3 key until I see the throttles drop into forward idle position. At this point, I can use my Saitek throttle again.

Re: B-377 Reverse thrust fixed

Posted: 17 Apr 2018, 21:08
I must be a little slow on the uptake, I kept trying to map reverse thrust from F1, F2, and F3 on the keyboard to buttons on my controllers.
Once I got that idea out of my mind and started using the keyboard directly everything seemed to work
as designed..