Rudders Locked

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Rudders Locked

Post Pistonpilot »

Greetings folks!

Decided to fly the 377 today and realized I didn't have it installed, which surprised me.

After a quick install and refresher on the start sequence, I realized on takeoff roll why I didn't have it installed; last time it WAS installed, I couldn't get full rudder control for the life of me!

I aborted the takeoff after seeing the same problem and began to troubleshoot. However, I am stuck.


-Rudder will not function normally and returns to center instantly after momentary displacement both on the ground and in flight

Things I've done:

-Normal install of Stratocruiser/Accu-Sim/CotS/most recent A2A updater, in that order
-Ensured realism sliders are set to maximum
-Ensured "Autorudder" is off
-Utilized a saved flight with a stock aircraft (C172) to load the sim before loading the Strat
-Unbound all rudder assignments, including FSUIPC and SPAD:neXt
-Rebound one single stock rudder control via FSX's control settings
-Verified that Simconnect is properly installed
-Used A2A's "Auto-start" option, FSX's stock "ctrl+E" start, and the simulated flight engineer to ensure switches are set properly
-Enabled and disabled controls lock with same behavior observed
-Enabled and disabled "Rudder Boost" with the same behavior observed
-Ensured normal rudder behavior in other stock and add-on aircraft (including the A2A 172, Commanche, Constellation, and many others)


-Windows 10 (fully updated)
-Saitek Yoke w/ Throttle Quadrant
-Saitek Throttle Quadrant
-Saitek Trim Wheel
-Saitek Rudder Pedals
-Saitek Switch Panel
-FSUPIC (registered)
-SPAD:neXt (registered)
-Various ORBX addons
-Steve's DX10 Fixer

Anyone have any ideas? I feel like there's a checklist step or switch I am missing. Been flyin' the Strat for years and years without trouble, but I've been distracted by flying the newer FSX stuff and the Tanker IRL so I might have some negative transfer going on.

My best guess is someone is gonna say "did you disable the rudder lock?" and I'll go "Of course I...didn't..." or something!

Thanks for your consideration and any potential help, friends!

-Ian C

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Re: Rudders Locked

Post alan CXA651 »

Its been a while since i flew this beast , the symtoms you discribe sounded like control locks , but you mentioned that this was removed .
Was all the switchs in the correct position for flight , what hydraulic pressure did you have,was the aircraft fit for flight.
I know the failure rate of components are higher on this aircraft than the connie , i flew the guppy and b377 to get me used to the capt of the ship concept , in readyness for when the connie came out , since then i have flown the connie or the GA aircraft and the war birds with the 91st bombardment group, so the B377 as stayed in my hangar since then.
regards alan. 8)

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Re: Rudders Locked

Post Tomas Linnet »

Did you check if the tail is folded? I don’t know if the rudder affected by this, but A2A likes the details :D
Kind Regards

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