Sunday 22-Jan-2023 Northwest Cub Adventure

For those who love to fly in multiplayer
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Sunday 22-Jan-2023 Northwest Cub Adventure

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Fellow Misfits: Our mission for next Sunday is to fly our J-3 Cubs from First Air Field in Monroe, WA (WA16) to Lake Wenatchee Field (27W). Our flight will take us into a variety of local strips, some more challenging than others. We'll land, or at least touch and go at each one.

We'll fly really slow GA, Cubs or equivalent. The flight is 136 nm and will take about 2 hour and 2 minutes.

Meet at: 1830z for a 1900z departure.

Meet on: Digital Theme Park on JoinFS.

Comms through A2A Discord channel.

Start at: First Air Field (WA16).

Local takeoff time: 1100, 2-Oct-2022

Weather: Historic for 1100, 2-Oct-2022. The weather sucks pretty bad for flying now, but it was pretty nice last October. Hey - we've got the technology! Why not use it?

Here's the flight plan on SkyVector: ... 043W%2027W

I'll post the LNV flight plan on Discord.


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