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91st BG

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Seatime (P3D v5) has 2393.9 hours on Little Patches after landing at Tirirical Field (SBSL) at Sao Luis in Brazil.
(We are using ATC 1943 scenery and traffic available at CalClassics, Optional)

The Memphis Bell, flown by Alan-A-Dale (FSX), is parked behind my port wing and White Cargo, flown by Lockwood (P3Dv4) is just out of the picture to the right.
We are on our way to Cape Town for this trip.

We fly almost every day using the Dighital Theme Park Teamspeak and JoinFS, ts3.digitalthemepark.com.
Join time is 14:30 UTC and Takeoff is at 15:00 UTC. All are welcome if you have the time.
vColonel Stephen Seatime Scott
Dedicated to recreating and flying authentic WWII USAAF B-17 Missions in FSX
and preserving the History of the Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourn
UKBA Bassingbourn, Station 121


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