Sunday 6-Nov-22 July 4th Fireworks Delivery

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Sunday 6-Nov-22 July 4th Fireworks Delivery

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Fellow Misfits: Our flight will be from Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT) to Skagway Airport (PSGY), both in Southern Alaska. The purpose of our flight is to deliver fireworks to the citizens of Skagway. The mayor promised an excellent July 4th parade and party, culminating in a "really big" fireworks display. Our job is to haul 200 pounds of nitroglycerin from Ketchikan to Skagway. We'll be flying low the whole way, following inland waterways whenever possible. You will want to fly very carefully on this one. Might want to practice landing technique, also. Here's a little clip of the movie that inspired our flight: It's a pretty classic movie. Here are some more details:

We'll fly fast GA, Bonanzas or Comanches. The flight is 292 nm and will take about 1 hour and 52 minutes.

Meet at: 1830z for a 1900z departure.

Meet on: Digital Theme Park on JoinFS.

Comms through A2A Discord channel.

Start at: Ketchikan Airport (PAKT).

Local takeoff time: 1200, 4-Jul-2022.

Weather: Historic for local time when you show up on 4-Jul-22.

Here's the flight plan on SkyVector: ... 22W%20PAGY

I'll post the LNV flight plan on Discord.


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