Friday 26-Aug-22 Route 2 (Leg 5)

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Friday 26-Aug-22 Route 2 (Leg 5)

Post by Paughco »

Guys: Unfortunately, Bong Airport doesn't have any 100 octane avgas. We'll have to take off with whatever we had left over from our last flight and stop somewhere to gas up. Anyway, here is the flight:

Richard I. Bong Airport (KSUW) is our point of origin for leg 5 of our Hwy 2 flight.

We're sticking with our fast GA, such as Comanches, Bonanzas this leg of the trip. We're going to leave KSUW and follow Hwy 2 to Minot International (KMOT). The flight is 357 nm, and it'll take about 2 h 27 m in a Piper Comanche (so sez LNV).

Meet at: 1830z for a 1900z departure.

Meet on: Digital Theme Park on JoinFS.

Comms through A2A Discord channel.

Start at: Richard I. Bong Airport (KSUW).

Local takeoff time: 1200.

Weather: historic.

Here's the flight plan for Rt 2 on SkyVector: ... 08W%20KMOT

I'll post the LNV flight plan on Discord.


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Re: Friday 26-Aug-22 Route 2 (Leg 5)

Post by Gypsy Baron »

Be advised that the first 2 waypoints after the start (KSUW) are 'duplicates'. Plan-G does NOT like that. The FP will show only the little WP triangles but no connecting path, until you delete the entry that follows KSUW. LNM doesn't seem to care.


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