Friday 29-Jul-22 Route 2 Houlton Intl to Gorham

For those who love to fly in multiplayer
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Friday 29-Jul-22 Route 2 Houlton Intl to Gorham

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Fellow Misfits: For the next few Fridays we'll be flying from Houlton, Maine to Everett, Washington over U.S. Highway 2.

U.S. Route 2 or U.S. Highway 2 (US 2) is an east–west U.S. Highway spanning 2,571 miles (4,138 km) across the northern continental United States. US 2 consists of two segments connected by various roadways in southern Canada. Unlike some routes, which are disconnected into segments because of encroaching Interstate Highways, the two portions of US 2 were designed to be separate in the original 1926 highway plan.

The western segment of US 2 begins at an interchange with Interstate 5 (I-5) and State Route 529 (Maple Street) in Everett, Washington, and ends at I-75 in St. Ignace, Michigan. The eastern segment of US 2 begins at US 11 in Rouses Point, New York and ends at I-95 in Houlton, Maine. Note: We'll be flying over Route 2 from East to West. Wikipedia has a great description of Route 2, but it's laid out from West to East.

As its number indicates, it is the northernmost east–west U.S. Route in the country. It is the lowest primary-numbered east–west U.S. Route, whose numbers otherwise end in zero, and was so numbered to avoid a US 0.[2] Sections of US 2 in New England were once New England Route 15, part of the New England road marking system.

I've checked on the Internet and haven't found any cool songs about Route 2. Bummer. So we'll just have to throw a nickel on the grass and see what comes up: ... 1g&index=4.

The mission for this coming Friday is to take off from Houlton Intl (06C) and fly to Gorham (2G8).

Hey - what's the worst that can happen?

Our first flight will be 223 miles and will take about 1 hr 51 minutes in a T-6, according to LNV, but we should add in a few minutes for orbiting over waypoints, flying under bridges, etc. Preferred aircraft for this flight is a slow GA or a T-6, but feel free to run what ya brung.

Meet at: 1830z for a 1900z departure.

Meet on: Digital Theme Park on JoinFS.

Comms through A2A Discord channel.

Start at: Houlton Intl (KHUL).

Local takeoff time: 1200.

Weather: historic.

Here's the flight plan for Rt 2 on SkyVector: ... 100W%202G8

I'll post the LNV flight plan on Discord.


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