Monday May 16th. Special One Off Commemorative Flight. The Dams Raid.

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Monday May 16th. Special One Off Commemorative Flight. The Dams Raid.

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Please Note early Take Off time of 1500z

On the night of the 16th May 1943 a group of 19 Avro Lancasters of 617 Squadron took of from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire bound for the Ruhr Valley in Nazi occupied Germany. Their mission was to attack the Mohne, Edersee and Sorpe Dams using a new purpose built bouncing bomb developed by Barnes Wallace. The Mohne and Eder dams were destroyed while the Sorpe dam only sustained minor damage. 1600 civilians were killed including 1000 prisoners and forced labourers. Of the 19 aircraft that took off 8 were shot down with 53 aircrew killed and 3 taken prisoner. The raid was led by 24 year-old Wing Commander Guy Gibson who was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Todays flight will receate the attack on the Mohne and Eder Dams using historic records from 617 Squardon archives.

We start from outside Hangar Number Two at RAF Scampton. After take off we plot a course to cross the Dutch coast between Walchere and Schouwen. After crossing the coast the bombers flew low all the way at about 100 feet to avoid ememy radar. We then fly on across Holland skirting the airbases at Gilze-Rijen and Eindhoven before curving around the Ruhr defences, turning North to avoid Hamm then turning South to head for the Mohne River and the approch to the dam. Once we bomb the Mohne we will re-group for the short flight to the Eder. On the return leg it's North to aviod Hamm again then West to the German border, flying on to the North Sea back to Scampton. The mission is 812nm with a flight time of around Six Hours.

The aircraft will be the Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster B Mk1.

Aircraft Type Avro Lancaster B Mk1
Take Off 1500z
local Time 1400
Weather Real
Network Joinfs
Comms A2A Discord ... 21E%20EGXP

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Re: Monday May 16th. Special One Off Commemorative Flight. The Dams Raid.

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Sadly missing this one, had the day off but we're short staffed, going in today to help our customers. Perhaps next year. Enjoy the moment!
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