Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by phillik747 »

Hello all,

I fly online when I can. I'm in my 30's married have 3 children (girls). That is usually why I have to bolt in multiplayer sessions. :)

I have a few hours under my belt. ERAU grad, Navy pilot, now a typical working dad. Been around airplanes all my life. My Grandpa was an aeronautical engineer at Lockheed during the War and worked on quite a few famous projects but did a lot of work on the P-38. He and my Uncle built a Long Ez when I was young (one of the first kits). When I was older, I helped them built an Europa. Today I'm building my own Europa but the pace of the project depends on inflow of cash.

ASEL, AMEL, Commercial, Instrument.
Former Naval Aviator.

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Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Chunk »

Hi y'all. My name is Ron. I fly as WWChunk at Digital Theme Park. I'm work in law enforcement, I'm in my mid-30's, and my wife just have birth to our first child; a daughter that is stunningly beautiful. ;)

I've been flying sims since the mid-90's, and currently fly FSX (with every Accu-Sim bird, minus the 377), IL-2 and RoF with my squad (WingWalkers), and I dabble in A-10C.

I mostly fly FSX on Monday evenings with the Old Fokkers on DTP's server. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, and hope to see you folks there some time. I'm eagerly awaiting the next A2A gem!

PC Specs:

Intel Core i7-975 Extreme @ 4.0GHz 12GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 RAM
(2) eVGA GTX 285 w/1GB in SLI
Dell 2405FPW @ 1920x1200 Resolution
Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Full CH Products HOTAS
TrackIR 4: PRO w/TrackClip PRO

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by alpinemike »

Hello, my name is Mike. I fly P-51d wop3... I would love to fly with someone. As I have yet to do so with FSX at all..

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by SkyHawk024 »

HI im not new here but the names Stephen im a student pilot and i fly almost all A2A aircraft and a even greater variety from other manufacturers my fsx name is my name on here if ya see me say hello!

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Buzz313th »

Hello Skyhawk and Alpinemike. If your looking for some really good people to sim with, try digital themepark. Bunch of really good folks.

Contact info is in my sig
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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by 4thFG »

Hey Folks,

I'm Chris of the FSX 4th Fighter Group. I have been flying the A2A birds for a while and love them. As mentioned on the multiplayer website, a fellow A2A pilot and I are starting up the FSX 4th Fighter Group and we figured since we primarily fly A2A products, what better place to announce this than the A2A forum!

Anyway as a long time reader of the A2A forums I am happy to be posting now and learning more about the A2A products as well as seeing all the awesome re-paints and such that are posted here and I look forward to talking to everyone here in the future!

Thread about the FSX 4th FG: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtop ... 79&t=32244
Check your six!!

Chris Pollard


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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Rammit »

Hi guys,

I'm Josh Clarke, enticed by the P-51D (very happy I decided to spend some of my few pennies on that!), under 16 so am one of the younger ones here, 27+ hours with the Air Training Corps, for you folks across the pond, it's run by the Royal Air Force and is used as a training regime for soon to be pilots. Hope to see y'all around soon :D



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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Whiz Wheel »

Greetings All,

Newbie/Neophyte here. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. Start playing with FSX about 8 months ago and fell in love with it. Used a laptop initially, but soon realized that I needed something more powerful to handle the graphics. Took care of that about a month ago. Boy was I really flying in the dark :lol:
Currently have the WOP3 P-51D and P-51 CIV, as well as the WOP3 P-40. Plan on purchasing the P-47 and B-17 in the near future and also upgrading to the Accusim. Would love to do some multiplayer formation flying, but not quite sure how it is run here. If anyone reads this I would appreciate any info. to get started doing some group flying.

Some aviation background: Private pilot's license back in the 80s when you could rent a Piper Tomahawk for $30/hr wet(those were the days); retired US Air Force/Air National Guard as a C-130 navigator - btw FSX puts the Lockheed C-130 simulator of the 90s to shame graphics wise(mountains were pyramids and there were no trees). I would hope they have upgraded by now :lol:

Thanks for reading and looking forward to some flights together.

Best Regards,


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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Hotshot J »

Afternoon all,

I'm James Stewart from Edinburgh. Bought my first A2A aircraft - the B-17 - way back in 2011 and I have never looked back! As I work at the airport and currently 33hrs into my PPL, being on FSX has taken a back seat but when I do have time to plan a trip I can be found on Boston Virtual's fantastic server in the B-17. I do also have the 172 which I use for reviews of my real training flights (although I'm still crossing my fingers for a 152 ahem, cough cough :lol: ) and the B377 which I still have not mastered but I hope to get some time in that this week. Accu-sim on all of course and Accu-feel too which is a cracking little package and adds to the fleet of other aircraft. Being a person that loves a backstory to flights I am currently still running all my flights under J-Cargo (Flying late but sounding great) but this will be giving way this year to Andromeda Air which consists of a B-17 in the cargo wing, B377 and a Vickers Viscount for passenger routes. I enjoy repainting aircraft and have done a few but again, work and real-life gets in the way :lol:
Nice to meet you all and safe flying!

James (Hotshot Jimmy)

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Dooga »

This is a bit after the fact (been hanging around this forum for some time now), but better late than never:

My name is Daniel from near Stuttgart in Germany - mid-thirties, family with two girls, many interests/hobbies over the years but one that's always been there: Flying. I've been playing FS on and off since version 2.0, back about what - two decades ago? Flying's been a dream since I was a teenager, never was able to afford it though, and planes without engines somehow just don't appeal to me. Three years ago I finally succumbed - we were looking for a house to buy back then, have been looking for some years, and just couldn't find anything we liked (and that was affordable) - so I thought "what the heck, as soon as I'll realize this specific dream of mine and start an expensive hobby, we're pretty sure to find a house real quick!"; so I signed up for PPL training. Got the PPL two years ago, also got a house around the same time. Karma hacking works...
So in real life I'm scrounging hours together whenever I feel I can afford it (which usually is more often than I actually can afford it), have a bit above 100 hours by now mainly in C152s (during training), C172s, a PA-28 and Aquilas, plus a noteworthy but as of yet sadly unrepeated check-out flight in a PA-18. Got my NVFR (VFR night) rating beginning of this year, it's a separate checkout in Germany (as is almost everything). Next plans are to get E-IR rated, this is basically instrument rating 'light' which allows you to fly IR en route, no approaches and departures. But a great way to gain some experience and get around all those stupid airspace restrictions that many countries around Germany have along their borders...

FSX I've been getting into again about the same time, three or four years ago; actually doing lots of FSX flying greatly contributed to the decision to make it real... since then I'm more or less regularly going through phases of Bush Flying, Scenery Discovery, IFR touring and Warbird Fascination where I do these things for weeks on end, before moving on through the cycle. Currently I'm in the Warbird phase, and have recently completed my A2A lineup, I now own every A2A SEP aircraft and have been flying the P-40 and P-47 mostly, recently. The P-51 will always be my all-time favorite airplane, there nothing about that plane that I don't love. But, at least in FSX, it's ok to step sideways from your true love to broaden your horizon, so I'm doing that a lot :)
Since the flying thing has been getting more serious for me I've sunk an awful lot of money in FSX, more than I care to think about - ORBX scenery and A2A planes alone account for several hours I could have flown for real! On the other hand, not a Spitfire over England, so that's ok I guess ;-)
I also occasionally deviate and play RoF or BoS, or try out some other sims, or play a really good shooter when one pops up (last one of these was the new Wolfenstein) - but I'm always back to FSX sooner or later.

My sim setup is basic-intermediate - I've gotten me an i7 plus a good GPU and a bigger SSD this year, to keep up with all the addons. I also use rudder pedals and TrackIR, both of which I think are indispensable for simming immersion. The game changer I'm eagerly waiting for: a good VR headset! Can you imagine really *being* in that cockpit?

I'm currently reading Jolly Rodgers and a Thunderbolt book (I love to read), which has given me an idea (which is the reason I looked into this sub-forum): I'd like to get some training in real WW2 fighter tactics and maneuvers, flying A2A warbirds. Shooting up stuff in the course of that would be nice, I've noted that Tackpack thread... so, is there any good reference material I could read up on for this? (I am knowledgeable in principle about energy vs turn fighting, but I'm a horrible fighter pilot and shot; RoF of BoS multiplayer just gets me down) And/or any chance to hop into a Mustang or Spit or Jug or Tomahawk and do some formation flying with someone patient?

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Pilot Lodkins »

I'm Pilot Lodkins, I am a mid-teen

that when the Sunday group flights come
I am taking my Sunday nap so I can't join and I also have limited screen time

Apollo Program

work for Arkansas & Missouri Railroad
maybe become a pilot

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by DHenriques_ »

Hi all;

I'm Dudley Henriques. Retired pilot. Helper-Outer here at A2A.

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Masterius »

Albert Hess here. I'll be 60 come this August. I've had a rather interesting life: been in the Special Forces, a firefighter/EMT, a Renaissance Faire jouster wearing full plate armour (as did my horse) while making serious attempts to unseat my opponent . . .

My two biggest "gaming" fascinations have been German U-boats, and the B-17. I prefer sims to games, because, well . . . because they feel more real, and thus more challenging. I play Silent Hunter III quite a lot, and, in fact, have created quite a few mods for that. I used to play The Mighty Eighth a lot, as well, but the bugs in the game became too much for me to continue enjoying it. So I was quite pleased to stumble across A2A Simulations, and the AccuSim B-17. Wow!! :D

Give me a choice between "realism" (since interstellar spacecraft aren't exactly "real" . . . yet! :P ), eye-candy, and "shoot-em-up" arcade, I'll take realism every time. And, in this case, I get not just realism, but eye-candy as well! I could wish there was the ability to be the bombardier and use a realistic Norden bombsight, but I'm perfectly content with what I have.

My wife has promised me the next time a B-17 is at a local show, she's going to buy me flight time with it. (I have such an awesome wife!)

Can the AccuSim B-17 be flown multiplayer, and, if so, does anyone here do so?

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by redspade »

Greetings from the San Juan Islands....

Recently retired from software engineering. I have flown game arcade style flight sims for years, but I started flying P3D just over a year ago. Invested a ton of money into this hobby and JUST now getting the hang of it all. I own two A2A birds, the C-172 and the Comanche. Having the time of my life.

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Re: Pilot introduction (meet your fellow pilots)

Post by Paughco »

Hi! I'm Paughco (call sign on MP). I fly with the A2A Misfit Squadron, usually on Fridays and Sundays. Some time back I wrote up a post on how to get set up in MP and how I normally get my setup and airplane ready for a typical MP flight. Here is the procedure again:

We use the "DigitalThemePark" server on JoinFS. Here is a link to the web site: http://pmem.uk/joinfs/. Click on "About," "Install," and "Manual" to get the instructions on how to download, install, and operate. It's pretty easy.

Next, we use "Discord" for communication. This is another free download. Here is the link: https://discordapp.com/. More stuff to read, download, install, etc. You need to establish a logon ID, password, etc. I use the same stuff for Discord as I have for this A2A forum. Then you have to log on to Discord and navigate to the "A2A Community." I've got a Discord shortcut on my desktop, and when I double click on it, it opens a window that is connected to the A2A Community. There's a spot where you can click to join a voice channel. We usually use "MP Flying Chat 1." NOTE: You need to be "let in" to the A2A Discord by Lewis. Find one of Lewis's posts on this forum. Then contact him via any one of the links on his signature block, or by a PM on the A2A Forum.

I recommend that you try the steps described below some time other than just before you want to join a Sunday flight! :) That way you can fool around, read the manuals, fool around some more, etc.

Here is the typical sequence I go through in getting ready for a MP flight:
1) Put on headset.
2) Open Discord, click on MP Flying Chat 1. Unfold, then tap the boom mic to see if the little green circle come on showing that my mic is live. Fold it back in.
3) Open JoinFS, click on View, Hubs, and check that I'm joined up with "DigitalThemePark." (I've got it set to autojoin DigitalThemePark, but I check anyway).
4) If we've agreed to use real weather, open up Active Sky. If not, omit this step and use "Fair" or "Clear" default weather.
5) Open P3D (or FSX, whatever) and load the agreed upon aircraft and starting field.

Steps 1 through 5 take all of about five minutes, not counting the time it takes for P3D to load, but typically on a fly day I start about a half hour before our planned takeoff time. Once there, I prepare the aircraft, start it up, let it warm up a bit, then maybe do a mag check, etc. About that time folks start to arrive. Chit chat ensues while we discuss the flight ahead, and wait for others to show up. We try to take off on time.

I ask the rest of you guys to add any comments that may be helpful. It would be cool if we could eventually have a sticky with a concise description of how to set up and use MP for our flights.

Thank you

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