How to fix damaged propeller

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How to fix damaged propeller

Post johnnomc »

Hi All,

First time user. Just purchased A2A Spitfire. When i load the plane then propellers show as if they are bent / damaged. Can you help me fix this?



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Re: How to fix damaged propeller

Post AerialShorts »

While in the airplane [shift]7 will open the maintenance hanger where you can swap out various hardware, check the engine, instruments, and perform repairs by mouse clicking on the bits and pieces. There are engine and instrument submenus with some variation from plane to plane but it’s pretty obvious once you get the maintenance hanger open. You can also just do complete overhauls and rebuild the entire engine depending on how much you want to manage that stuff.

Since you didn’t seem to know about the hanger, try the other [shift][number] menus as there is a lot of useful stuff in the others as well - radios, map, fuel/oil, oxygen, etc. if you take the Spit too much above 10k feet, you’ll need oxygen and your mask on or you will black out and lose control of your airplane. You can get oxygen in the [shift]4 menu if I recall correctly and activate it in the [shift]3 or click on the end of the oxygen pipe on your right in the cockpit almost behind you.

The Spit is a blast to fly and fly well. Enjoy!

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Re: How to fix damaged propeller

Post alan CXA651 »

Hi Johnnomc.
Welcome to the A2A forum and aircraft , i started with the C172 , but it did not stop there , ended up with all the accu sim aircraft , i strongly advise you to read the A2A documents , as its your first A2A aircraft , you need to treat them like real aircraft , components age and break , even when your pc and sim are shut down , if you need any tech help issues or querys , then post in the apropreate forum , in your case at this time would be the spitfire section , doing it this way , will get a quicker response to your post.
regards alan. 8)

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Re: How to fix damaged propeller

Post bladerunner900 »

Greetings. Have a look at this.


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