Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

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Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post Scott - A2A »

We’re pleased to announce the next Aircraft Factory product, the Heinkel He219 “Uhu.” In the spirit of the secrecy that shrouded this aircraft, we kept this project under wraps in an underground facility here at A2A. Rumor has it, late last night it was moved to Hangar A, as it is being prepped to be unveiled to the public.

The Heinkel 219 is likely the most advanced piston powered aircraft created during World War II. Yet even fifty-five years after it was built, its pressurized cockpit with modern combat jet-like visibility, ejection seats, and powerful twin engines means it still holds its head high above the pack. It’s intelligent, elegant, and magnificently deadly. This project is a personal tribute to the finest in aviation design.

We would also like to make mention to one of our recent new members, Marcelo Da Silva. Some may know Marcelo for his outstanding painting over the years with Marcfighters. Marcelo has been full time with us for over a year, and has recently given this plane a complete overhaul with the assistance of A2A’s lead artist, Robert Rogalski. Also, our hat is off to Cody Bergland of Jaggyroad Films for making this moving film of our new baby.

Aircraft Factory, a division of A2A Simulations Inc., is proud to present the Heinkel He-219 “Uhu” for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It is scheduled for release next week.

A2A Simulations Inc.

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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post jcblom »


Looking very good indeed!
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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post MTFDarkEagle »

Or just aircraft factory?

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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post Roadburner426 »

Aircraft factory. I don't think enough documents exist to do it in Accu-sim. Nor do I think there are any flying ones left anywhere in the world to document from. Been waiting on this one for awhile. Looks great!
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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post JJB17463rdBombGroup »

Wow looking good.Although it's not accusim definitely it's worthwhile for FSX.
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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post THORmx »

Very cool! Loved this one in FS9!

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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post dj0311 »

Wow that bird looks awesome I really like that video

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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post JamesChams »

Lovely video... I must say I really enjoyed the classical piece (music) as well; 1. what is it called?

Also, if its not too much to ask...
2. How are Aircraft Factory and A2A connected (business-wise)? Did A2A accuire AF or are you'll partners, etc.?
3. I would like to understand the scope of your technology integration with eachothers products; will Accu-sim be part of AF's releases, etc.?

Just seeking knowledge & understanding and perhaps a little wisdom with inquires.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

James F. Chams


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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post KiltinSA »

I'll take two!


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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post Ian Warren »

Again ! :D No hesitation here , Owl i'm going to spend a lotta daylight hour s , no point hiding this one 8)

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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post Mig_Driver »

Awww..... you guys shouldn't have.

It's my birthday on the 29th. And I LOVED the Uhu in FS9 and somehow the port just doesn't seem the same. Cheeky rolling it out under wraps... I love it! Nice touch. It's like you guys all got me a birthday present!

One, please, with extra mustard and sauerkraut.


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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post YoYo »

Again good news from A2A Team !
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Re: Aircraft Factory Heinkel He-219 Video

Post ipank »

A very good video.
If I had money, I would consider buying the Heinkel He219

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