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C172 crashes on takeoff

Posted: 20 Jul 2022, 15:01
I'm new to this so be patient. I have followed the checklists to the letter but for some reason the C172 will lift off beautifully but eventually loses power and then "stall" will show up in the lower right corner. And then it crashes. Got any suggestions on this issue? It does it on all versions of the C172 and I make sure its in tip top running order when it goes back on airstrip.
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Re: C172 crashes on takeoff

Posted: 20 Jul 2022, 17:45
How much are you pitching the nose up for the climb? Ensure that the throttle is all the way in and the mixture is all the way in (forward).

Allow the airspeed to build up to about 60 knots before pitching up for takeoff

As a very rough guideline, try pitching the nose up just a little beyond the point that it covers the horizon.

After the airplane is climbing, bring the nose up or down as required to maintain about 75 knots. If you are too fast pitch up a little then hold it there and allow it to slow down. If you are too slow lower the nose and then hold it there and show the spwed to pick up. Very small changes will result in large changes in airspeed so be gentle. Try to do this by looking outside as much as possible and just taking glances at the airspeed to check progress.

Once the airspeed is established and steady. Your task is to learn that pitch attitude and burn it into your mind. That is your approximate initial climb attitude for about Vy or a max rate climb.

Once you climb to about 1000' AGL lower the nose a little and allow the airspeed to build to 90 knots and then adjust pitch to hold it at the airspeed. Now you are in a cruise climb attitude. Once again memorize how the cowling looks with respect to the horizon. Now you can quickly set the plane up for a cruise climb and then double check the airspeed to fine tune things.

Keep the throttle and mixture at full until cruise. That's another lesson. :)

If you begin to stall, lower the nose immediately and allow the winds to unload and resume flying while allowing the airspeed to build up. Promptly/simultaneously add in full mixture and throttle. You will be out of the stall almost immediately and can gently start to bring the nose back up to a level flight attitude. Don't bring it up rapidly as you may induce a stall again and lose more altitude.

Re: C172 crashes on takeoff

Posted: 21 Jul 2022, 01:32
Just to open a parallel line of investigation, "loses power", as in, literally, the engine quits doing engine things? The most obvious reason for that would be fuel starvation. To confirm, are you using the A2A payload screen to fill the fuel tanks? (Instead of the sim's default payload and fuel menu, which you shouldn't touch at all with A2A planes.)


Re: C172 crashes on takeoff

Posted: 21 Jul 2022, 05:14
I had that same problem and it had me stumped until I did the walkaround and finally noticed that there was water in the fuel. That may be the problem.

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