Wake turbulence is scary

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Re: Wake turbulence is scary

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Steveo1kinevo remarked about almost rolling once on final from wake turb. I think I remember someone say it falls 500 fpm generally.
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Re: Wake turbulence is scary

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I have been testing X-plane 12 Beta since September. It is supposed to have wake turbulance emulated now but I haven't had a chance to test it yet. Currently things like Baron 58 strut and wing flex, graphic pink outs, and ATC quirks are being ironed out. I have never experienced wake turbulance in instruction. My regional isn't that busy.

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Re: Wake turbulence is scary

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Had that happen once landing at CYOW with a friend behind a heavy. Gives you quite an adrenalin rush. :lol:

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Re: Wake turbulence is scary

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Follow up. Last year while doing my BFR in my plane, I was doing various takeoffs and landings and simulated flap/engine failures at KBLM. There was a helicopter doing practice on the shorter intesecting runway. I was taking off and landing on 32 and the heli was working on 21. The winds were northerly so they were blowing from the heli toward me.

On one takeoff about 50' AGL we experienced a brief uncommanded roll and change in vertical speed near the intersection of the runways. We attributed it to the "wake vortex" of the helicopter being generated by it hovering and moving around at low speed near the surface and upwind. Not an underwear change kind of moment, but not one I was happy to have overlooked in my decision making.

Be careful out there!
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