Late to the game

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Late to the game

Post Racartron »

Finally grabbed the P-47 w/Accu-Sim from Just Flight (via their 25% off sale). I know this is an elderly bird so not sure which updates are needed to bring her up to speed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Late to the game

Post Jacques »

Just run the latest updater dated in September (I think). The updater will detect all your accusim aircraft in progression.

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Re: Late to the game

Post Lewis - A2A »

Yes just grab the latest updater here to get all updated; ... 23&t=41279

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Re: Late to the game

Post n421nj »

The only issue I have with my p47 is that for some reason in order for it to work correctly I have to turn on automixture before flying. Automixture should normally be off for a2a planes but my p47 is special. So if you take her for a flight and the turbo isn't working try turning on automixture.

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