Accusim and GoFlight controls

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Accusim and GoFlight controls

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I searched the forum but couldn´t find too much. I am interested if there are simmers who are using controls/rackets by Go Flight (uses def. keyboard commands via USB) and I am curious to learn of your experiences!
I am relatively new to accusim and still learning to start the engine or get airborn. But I already stumbled over a few small difficulties:
1)turbo axis can be reconfigured to one of the 6 GF levers and is working fine, also will the throttle and prop pitch (assignment via GF module-software). But the mixture lever seems to fail.
2) Landing gear: the VC switch is a spring centered one: neutral with up/down position, the GF module has a normal 2-position switch: up/down. causes small problems
3) Landing light works only in the VC, not switchable in GF
4) Magnetos: I got 2 pushbuttons assigned: magneto next pos./previous pos.: works fine with all simulations so far, but with the P-47 I am able to start the engine pushing the magneto next button on my GF racket (even without priming or using the inertia starter!!)
I´m learning as I am progressing, that´s it so far. Any inputs?

Thanks and regards

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