Rendering problem

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Rendering problem

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Having recently purchased the P-47 (yesterday) I am disappointed to find that it does not work well at all. I replied to the thread where the engine cuts off at 5 minutes, regardless if in flight or sitting idle on the ground. My other issue is that the exterior of the plane is not rendering in FSX. Even in the preview, there is no plane, only a pilot, a propeller and a canopy. No fuselage, no wings. When the plane loads there is a very nice VR cockpit, but no wings or fuselage. I have run the A2A update and reinstalled the plane. I have reviewed the manual and have all graphic settings where they should be according to the manual. I am severely disappointed. I love the Thunderbolt, but I cannot fly her (though I find some humor in seeing the pilot floating through the air like wonder woman).

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Re: Rendering problem

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I see you have posted here and in the Accu-sim P-47 forums. Can you let us know which product you own and also check your system meets the requirements as it sounds like you simulation is not correctly updated hence the see through parts of trying to run an FSX SP2 simulation in an FSX copy that hasnt been updated.

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