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WOP3 P47

Posted: 21 Nov 2015, 09:02
Purchased this today I like it but I want to know a few things. Can I add GPS I noticed there is a GPS like map included but I dont get that little aircraft logo that shows you where you are. Is there an update for it im not having any issues just a general question.

WOP3 P47

Posted: 21 Nov 2015, 13:43
Hi Tom,
The map was created in such a manner to reflect the period in which the P-47 flew. So the map has no small aircraft icon to encourage you to rely on visual cues, and cues given you by using your navigation radios (VOR). A2A felt this was more in keeping with the overall experience of flying the P-47. The P-47 was my first accu-sim aircraft and, like you, I was a bit put off by the degree of "uncertainty" presented by the map. But now it is like second nature and I rather like the fact that I need to be a much more active participant in finding my way around!

As far as the add-on GPS, I think Nick M, in a recent post, referred to this as a possibility in reference to the Spitfire, but I never followed his link because I've never really been interested in following that path.

If I find that link I'll post it below!

Try this: (and thanks to Nick M for bringing this up again!) ... hp?t=46155

Re: WOP3 P47

Posted: 22 Nov 2015, 16:44
Sorry for the late reply thank you for you help I will give it a go next time I fly the Jug. I wasn't put off by it at all A2A is the only company I trust when it comes to warbirds first A2A product I got was on the P51D/H pack really enjoyed it and ive trusted these guys ever since.