KMIV The home of the first defense Army Airfield Millville

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KMIV The home of the first defense Army Airfield Millville

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KMIV is the location in Millville New Jersey. This is important for many reasons,one being and the most important to me is this was the home of the P-47 Thunderbolt. The vast majprity of airxcraft headed for europe arrived here assigned pilots, bombing strafing daily across the street on what is now the Bevans Wildlife management area. Now this area is open to anyone and it is 33000 acres of memorabilia, arrowheads 500 lb bombs and the rounds and casings from the guns of the P-47s. 60 some odd pilots died here doing training and flying mishaps and the base still hold the record for the most accidents in one day and or month. Missiles that were 1940s era werent guided so you can find the rockets there, a few torpedos plenty of the brass and uxbs that are now pretty much inert from the exposure. In mapping you can find the locations of the crash sites and in many instances the dumping area and buried military debris are thwere also. % miles down the road are three locations of german pow japanese pow and misc prisoner of war camps. Most of the people in that area dont even realize the bunkers are throughout the management area thats used mainly for wildlife big and small game hunting.50 years ive covered those acres and what ive found has brought back the true power of the thunderbolt,sitting in the cockpit of the 47s out on the grass, And to the man who really made it seem so easy, Francis "Gabby" Gabreski, one of thousands who trained their but the one ill never forget, as a friend , as a teacher. Thank you for serving your country and your courage ....the wild blue yonder.....

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