P-46 Patch FSX

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P-46 Patch FSX

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hi not sure if my last post about this made it up i cant find it anywhare so im reposting. Im trying install th P47 patch in FSX. When i get to the point where it ask about the 3d light ( i do have them installed in FSX ) It keeps telling me P-47 not found to fix reinstall.

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Re: P-46 Patch FSX

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Do you have the Solo P-47 or the one in the WWII Fighters pack?
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Re: P 46 Patch FSX

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plato83 wrote:Seems the patch cannot find my WoP2 P-47 install.

I noticed that the FS9 install has the aircraft folders beginning with WoP_P-47, whereas my FSX installs have prefixes beginning with WoP2_ or WoP3_.

Perhaps my FS9 P-47 sets are not WoP2??


yes the FS2004 models are original WOP1 series and not compatible with FSX.

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Re: P-46 Patch FSX

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The Thunderbolts package that includes the bubble-topped variants is only for FS9 (aka FS2004) and will not install to FSX. This is the WoP 1 generation. As I recall, there is a patch for this product, but the patch is not compatible with the WoP 2 or WoP 3 products.

The WoP 2 Thunderbolt is a single razorback variant, and can be installed to either FS9 or FSX. This product was released in several forms: The WWII Fighters Special Edition CD; the SOLO series of budget-minded downloads; and the independent Aircraft Power Pack DVD. The patch for this product is for when it is installed to FSX, mainly to address legacy FS9 graphics issues. However, other modelling changes and fixes were incorporated, presumably as a trial during development the Wings of Power 3 Razorback product for FSX.

The Wings of Power 3 Thunderbolt is for FSX only, and is the only variation that is compatible with the Accusim expansion. There was a small hotfix patch for this product to address turbo overheating, as I recall. The core update patches for Accusim now update this P-47, if you have Accusim installed.
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