Thunderbolt questions

It's big, powerful, and fast.
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Thunderbolt questions

Post aikichris »

Hello all.
Firstly - a big thanks you to A2A simulations for a great job!
I already have the Heinkel 'owl', the P51 Mustang solo. and the Focke Wulf Butcher Bird in my 'hanger'
I have had many hours of great simming with these aircraft.
I have just purchased the Thunderbolt solo pack, and am delighted with the quality.
I have a few questions though......
I can't seem to get the mags to move (I see that there was a previous question about this - but I presume that having just downloaded the Thunderbolt yesterday -13th October - that I would have the most up to date version?) or do I need a patch?
I also cannot move the fuel tank selectors either - otherwise my V/C switches all function well.
Finally - just out of interest - why is there that big hole in the panel with the wires showing?
I hope you can help me with my questions - by the way I am running FS2004 a century of flight on a Vista PC.
Thanks again for trhe great products.

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Re: Thunderbolt questions

Post Skycat »

This is the best vintage photograph I could find of a 'Razorback' P-47D panel.
I like Thunderbolts! (Click on "Photos")

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Re: Thunderbolt questions

Post francesco.doenz »

Impressive picture! I miss a weathered cockpit, it would be more immersive!

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Re: Thunderbolt questions

Post Pistonpilot »

francesco.doenz wrote:I miss a weathered cockpit
The aircraft I work on presently in the real world were all built in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Their cockpits tend to vary from "hey, wasn't there paint in here once?" to something close to "pristine", depending on how recently they were overhauled and which unit they belong to. What really makes it for me is variety; I keep my modern airshow birds in FSX with clean cockpits, but I like a good worn in (or, occasionally, worn out!) cockpit in my old warhorses.

I do agree, though, that having signs of wear in a cockpit really makes a difference immersion-wise. Perhaps my favorite finishing touch I've ever seen in a good cockpit repaint was in the Accu-Sim cub; someone did some paints with very faint boot-prints on the metal flooring. ;)

-Ian C

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