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Re: Drop tanks

Posted: 05 Feb 2009, 05:23
Scott - A2A
Accu-Sim only works with the Wings of POWER 3: P47. The entire aircraft was re-build, mostly from scratch to make this proper.

We discussed this belly tank issue you posted on this particular thread in the beta forum. The problem is we cannot reproduce this belly tank issue you are experiencing on the wop2 p47. If we could reproduce it, we could likely fix it.

Does this happen all the time when you drop a tank?


Re: Drop tanks

Posted: 05 Feb 2009, 06:49
nice, sounds like the new P47III is a real pearler as I love the B377+accu-sim

yeah unfortunately it happens every time I drop tanks either via the key board or clicking the VC levers

nothing weird here system wise, had a reformat not long ago, got to refresh system, still had the problem

core2 E8400 @ stock
GF8800GT 512 ram
4 GB DDR2 800mhz ram
250gb seagate sata drive
FSX SP2, I don't have the acceleration addon
I'm not running in DX10 preview

is there a chance you could just make a small hotfix to just remove the tanks and bombs altogether? I would be happy with that