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To start engines separately

Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 03:44

I can't find a way to start each engine, one by one, with the mouse and switch in the VC. I click, the switch pass to "on", but not enough time to start the engine. The propeller begins to revolve but then it stops. I'm compelled to start all engines together through the key combination: ctrl+e.

Any help please? :(



Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 09:44
Lewis - A2A
Bring up your checklist. I think its in there if not it should be in one of the tabs on the checklist screen. It tells you want to do in what order, have not tried it in FSX yet though. But I have started the engines in the b-17f and lanc many times.

Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 09:57
The FSX starters differ from FS9 ones. Someone came to conclusion they need to be fixed and now they work as the toggle switches. This has no impact on the jets but, as you can see, the piston engines are in trouble.

A temporary fix: edit the AIRCRAFT.CFG file, find the [pistion_engine] section and this line:

normalized_starter_torque= #.###

and change its value to

normalized_starter_torque= 0.1

This setting is far from reality :cry: but allows to fire up the piston engine.


Posted: 26 Jan 2007, 10:54
Thank you very much :D :D :D