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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:58 am 
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Bsmooth1234 wrote:
Is it true the real turning point in the real life campaign was bombing London and not concentrating on the airfields ?

It is one of the reasons i believe .Tying up the fighters with the bombers in close escort as well as the lack of range for the fighters which had to go back and leave the bombers to face the RAF. ... lO0YhoXmB6

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:24 pm 
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The turning point where the Germans started losing the Battle was day 1 of the Battle,
when they bombed targets that were not important to smashing the RAF. :roll:

Instead of bombing the Factories where aircraft were built, or the aircraft parts factories that are necessary to supply the RAF with aircraft,
they were bombing ships hauling coal in the Channel. :roll:

They did bomb some aircraft factories, but too few, and too late. Meanwhile.. the factories were busy and gleefully shipping out new replacement fighters to the RAF.
If you want to defeat the enemy, the best way to do so quickly is to Cut Off Their Supply Of Weapons!

The Nazi Germans in their over confident arrogance thought their Aryan supermen would defeat the inferior enemy pilots in the air, with no need to cut off their supply. :roll:
Ignorance & Arrogance often loses many wars.


Once the Germans did bomb an aircraft factory, the British would abandon it,
and disperse the manufacture of parts and the assembly of aircraft, scattered about in small places where the Germans never could find them. :wink:
This meant that manufacture was harder to do, and not as quick to re-supply, but it worked.

There were many aircraft factories that the Germans never did bomb, or if they did, they never bombed them enough to stop production.
They also knew where they all were before the War. It is not like Goering and Hitler did know about them in 1938. They were just too stupid to eliminate them.


For BoBII v2.13 Aircraft Factory and Aircraft Parts Factory production was coded to better reflect history.
As to AC production rates per week.
Also the "ghost factories" aka Dispersal of aircraft production was built in.

This Dispersal works basically like this, which is in the v2.13 Manual:

Aircraft Production and Dispersed Production:
RAF fighter strength is directly related to receiving new AC from factories located mostly in SE Britain. These factories are well within range of the LW.
Aircraft production related factories (assembly, component, armaments) are fragile. They can bounce back from minor raids, though cumulative damage or one or two heavy raids can destroy them.
Factory buildings not destroyed can be repaired, at a variable rate of repair.
If a fighter related factory is destroyed, its production will be dispersed to remote locations. This dispersed production takes time to set up and is less efficient than a dedicated factory facility.
A destroyed factory's dispersed production will ramp up over a period of roughly four weeks and reach a maximum of 60% of its former rate. Thus for each week after a factory is destroyed, dispersed production will add 15% of its former rate. Dispersed factories are immune from attack as there is now no way for the Germans to know what to bomb.

For BoBII v2.13 we built another "ghost factory" that was not Dispersed, but the newly built, and still under construction, full blown fancy new Spitfire factory at Castle Bromwich.
Just east of Birmingham. For the rest of the War most Spitfires were built here. Now Jaguar cars are built here.
It is coded that Castle Bromwich is the only factory that sees an increase in production as the game progresses, starting at 5/week in July, 9/week in Aug, 13/week in Sept.

Now.. Castle Bromwich up north at Birmingham, can be reached by any He111 or Ju88 bomber Gruppe, but only three Me110 fighter Gruppen have the (base) range to escort them.
So it is a hard nut to crack.
Nevertheless, I can, and will destroy it! :twisted: After I have destroyed all of the more southern aircraft factories.


As the LuftWaffe Commander seeking air superiority, I do not pussy foot & dance around with the RAF.
I go for the throat! Cut off their supply of new aircraft, and then over power them with superior numbers! :twisted:
Bomb the beJesus out of the Parts and Armaments factories too.

Last LW Campaign I played as Commander giving specific and detailed orders from Day 1.. concentrating to SMASH the aircraft factories first, starving them to death,
I won on 26 August, 1940.

Did so by taking very good care of my men, resting them when needed. Usually only fighter Gruppen with at least Very Good fatigue/morale status.
All Raids at maximum available 2:1 or 3:1 fighter strength odds against the enemy. I never attack at (predicted) 1:1 odds.
I am not one that will send my men to useless and senseless slaughter.

3D combat in Campaign gets very verra bloody! Probably bloodier than it historically was, I have been informed.
Anyway.. Take care!


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