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I organized the folders and file as should be, also I copied the quote of "TimL" to my panel.cfg.
and still it doesn't works, what is the exacly procedures to make it works?

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Reviving old thread, i noticed I had put 4! instead of 6! after BBsex entry in my panel.cfg note.

Update of Dave Bitzer and Mark Beaumont's bubble sextant,
to ensure compatibility with FSX.
The gauge pack contains the regular sextant, as well as the optional
chart attachment.

To install, copy the file into your \Gauges folder,
and, in your aircraft's panel.cfg file, replace any references
to BB_sextant with BB_sextant6.

A typical panel.cfg entry for both of these gauges would look like this:
window_size= 0.656, 0.355
window_pos= 0.100, 0.040

gauge00=BB_sextant6!CH, 0,3,280,270
gauge01=BB_sextant6!sextant, 290,0,383,273

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I use the Weathership add on that was developed for the Connie. It works for the Connie, B377 and DC6. You can find the file in the Connie tab of the A2A community web site. It has Atlantic and Pacific Weatherships and Long Range Land Based stations.
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