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Posted: 29 Mar 2007, 08:13
Hello! Where can I download repaints for this plane? An Adolf Galland skin would be awesome! 8)


Posted: 29 Mar 2007, 15:48
[EK]Green Knight
Adding to that are there any download skins for Hans-Joachim Marseille's Bf 109 "Yellow 14"

Posted: 13 Jun 2007, 04:21
Try avsim, or the sim-outhouse (

There are quite a few 109's there...


Posted: 13 Jun 2007, 17:14
Not a repaint, but if anyone has a nostalgic system as me he`ll get a boost in texture-loading-time by converting the 32 bit-textures into dxt3-format. Texture-size is being reduced from about 40 to 7 megabytes this way which one instantly notices during sight-changes - especially from outside to the vc which takes several seconds until all textures are loaded with my system. With dxt3-textures there`s no noticable loading time.

Perhaps this is only interesting for systems like mine:

notebook, pentium 4 HT, 3 ghz, 1 gig ram, nvidia fx5350 go 64 mb ram