The most mass-produced fighter of World War II
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I have purchased Warbirds for FSX (mostly but not only for the Emils) and I have found them absolutley gorgeous, in any aspect.

It's the first time that I fly with FSX and for that matter with any Microsoft FS, and I'm just begginning to uncover its cons and pros.

I have just discovered that you are able to start from the taxi (through a previously saved file) with the engine idle, but not without bugs (at least that's what they seem to me): not all the commands work once you start from the taxi.

For example the gear knob is upward (and unmovable) and, as soon as you take off, gears retract themselves causing your plane to crash into the runway.

If I lower the fuel pump I can see the fuel pressure pointer rising up and I can hear a "pumping" as If I were filling up my fuel tank but I don't see any change in the fuel gauge. The plane can fly whether the knob is up or down.

I can record a track, see it, but my engine (which was off) is running so high that after a while my plane explodes.

It seems like WWII Warbirds are ready for everything, while FSX can't support an engine management so well detailed.

Thanks for your support


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Thanks for the kind words.

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