Snappers' Den (WiP)

The most mass-produced fighter of World War II
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Snappers' Den (WiP)

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I'll post this one over here too, as it may be of interest to some.

I've been fighting a losing battle with gmax recently, but one of the few things that has worked has been the addition to my repertoire of "transparencies". Yup, the people who can really model around here are welcome to keel over laughing at this point, but hey, it's a step forward for me. The net result of this learning exercise has been a camouflage... er... net. I draped it over the top and back of some blocks textured as sandbags and hey presto, we have a very simple Luftwaffe temporary fighter shelter.

Now it just so happens that these things were used in France in the early years of the war, so I went looking for somewhere to put them and came up with Caffiers in the Pas-de-Calais. Caffiers was home to JG26, whose yellow nose is represented, if I remember correctly, by one of the liveries on the newly FSX-ed A2A Bf109E. Forgive me if I'm wrong, please, and someone paint up Adolf Galand's aircraft for it already!

Most of my problems have been vehicle related. I've tried to make an RAF Austin K2Y, which looks abysmal, so I really shouldn't be surprised that my attempts at making an Opel Blitz ended with repeated hitting of the "close without saving" button. My modelling sucks. So I admit it, I gave up. I bought meshes for a half track and a Flakvierling AA gun, both of which are included in this work-in-progress version of Caffiers, although the Flak is not currently textured.

I have a fair bit of work to do yet, probably including more sobbing into a keyboard over an Opel Blitz, as I have been unable to talk anyone into making me one or letting me use theirs and have been unable to find a suitable and affordable mesh available for sale. So, given that what I already have made for the airfield is quite usable in its current state, I thought I'd make it available.

Here's some links to screenshots: ... cf0_11.jpg ... cf0_12.jpg ... cf0_13.jpg ... cf0_14.jpg
(Please excuse the non-A2A aircraft... The one in the screenshots comes with an AI model as part of the pack. ;))

...and here's a download link. ...

Comments, criticsms and general rude comments are welcome. A low poly Opel Blitz would be even more welcome! :mrgreen: :lol:

Hope it is of use to someone.

Ian P.

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Re: Snappers' Den (WiP)

Post by vtracy »

I am sure you did google the Opel Blitz?! ... itz_15.jpg
Can I do something for you to help you model/paint the Blitz?

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